Price Chart and Cancellation Policy

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Price Chart and Cancellation Policy


As a CareFinder babysitter, you work on a freelance basis. That makes you your own boss! However, with great power comes great responsibility. You have to manage your own schedule, finances, family communication, and more - needless to say, working as a freelancer can present many new challenges and growth opportunities.

From years of working with hundreds of babysitters, we have learned that clarifying your services, rates and guidelines is a major part of a successful freelancing. So, we want to talk to you about price charts and cancellation policies. Time and time again, we see our sitters frustrated with negotiating fees or last minute cancellations. We get it, your time and money matter! That is why we are asking you to include a price chart and cancellation policy in your profile introductions. 

How can these features help you? Price charts help families easily understand your babysitting (and/or teaching) rates - this can save you time and confusion when negotiating a job offer. Cancellation policies tell families when to request to cancel a sitting, and any fees involved in doing so. 

Need help creating a price chart or a cancellation policy? Check out our examples below, and feel free to use them as your own templates!

Example Price Chart:

Hourly Sitting Fees:

1 child = ¥2,000 per hour

2+ children = ¥2,500 per hour

Hourly Lesson Fees:

1 child = ¥3,000 per hour

2+ children = ¥2,000 per hour

Additional Fees:

Transportation from [insert station name]


More Things to Consider:

  • Do you use a car as your transportation and request parking/highway fees?
  • Do you have different fees for weekdays vs. weekends?
  • Do you charge different fees for different age groups?


Example Cancellation Policy:

If you wish to cancel a scheduled sitting, please contact me as soon as possible. Please review the cancellations fees below:

3+ days before sitting: no cancellation fee

2 days before sitting: 50% of sitting fee will be charged

1 day before sitting: 75% of sitting fee will be charged

Day of sitting: 100% of sitting fee will be charged


More Things to Consider:

  • Do you exempt your fees for illness-related cancellations?
  • What happens when you cancel a sitting?
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