Tokyo in the Fall: Fun for the Whole Family

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tokyo in the fall : fun for the whole family

Tokyo in the Fall: Fun for the Whole Family


It's officially been Fall for more than a month, but now that the weather has cooled and the leaves are beginning to change, it finally feels like it! It's the perfect time of year in Tokyo to enjoy sunny skies, comfortable temperatures and colorful nature with your whole family.

Halloween is this Saturday. Culture Day is November 3 and Labor Thanksgiving is November 23. Though these holidays will look different this year than years past, they're still opportunities to get out of the house and have fun in mother nature with your family! Keep reading to see what outdoor treats you have to look forward to.

Fall Foliage

Thanks to mild weather in early Fall, the leaves in and around Tokyo don't change until later in the season. Japan Web has a great forecast guide that gives peak times throughout Japan, in case you want to travel, as well (though it might be a bit late for northern Japan!).

In Tokyo, there are a lot of options for quality momijigari! Want to see the bright yellows of Ginko trees? Head to Meiji Jingu Gaien for an avenue dedicated to them. Yoyogi is always a great go-to for an abundance of koyo, as there are thousands of trees within this massive park. Hamarikyu Garden is also a favorite spot. The fall colors make a perfect backdrop for the tea house!

Now is also the perfect time to take advantage of Japan's campaigns to encourage domestic travel to see leaves all across the country. The Go-To Campaign offers steep discounts on travel and lodging (you can get English language insight on the program from Time Out Tokyo). And for foreign passport holders, regardless of your visa status, there is a limited-time promotional pass from JR East for three-day bullet train trips to the north and east of Tokyo. Your family can save money while taking in the autumnal beauty of Kyoto (much quieter these days thanks to fewer tourists!), Toshugo Shrine in Nikko or Lake Kawaguchi, with Fujisan in the background.

Fall Foods

Fall is the season of comfort foods! Chestnuts, squash, oden, and of course... yaki imo! Grilled sweet potato will be served up hot at every supermarket on the block.

If you're interested in doing more with your family than just eating these delicious seasonal treats, you can also "pick your own" at several places nearby. Head to Yokohama to pick kaki (persimmons) at Shibaguchi Orchard. Nakagomi Orchard in Yamanashi has persimmons, too, as well as apples. You can even plan a weekend getaway to Shizuoka and pick mikan and strawberries at the several fruit farms open to tourists.

Unfortunately, many traditional Fall festivals and events have been canceled in order to keep everyone healthy in light of coronavirus. But that doesn't mean your family can't make the most of fall in Tokyo. We hope you enjoy the season!


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