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Tokyo in the Fall

Tokyo in the Fall

Tokyo in the Fall is glorious! The days cool off and the humidity relaxes. The nights are perfect for sleeping with the windows open. Typhoon season peters out, school is back in session and there are quite a few public holidays.
It's the best time of year to enjoy the city with your family, or take a day trip to the countryside for a taste of nature.
Autumn Weather
As we mentioned, Tokyo's weather in the Fall is lovely! Temperatures average in the mid-to-low 20s during the day and don't begin to drop into the single digits at night until late in the season, in November. The likelihood of typhoons lessens; there are only a handful of rainy days a month on average. It makes for easy enjoyment of the outdoors now that the heat and humidity of the summer have gone.
And speaking of which...
Autumn Activities
Fall Foliage Viewing (Momijigari): Much like cherry blossoms in the spring, the changing colors of the leaves in the fall inspires mass viewing. Peak color will depend on where in the country you are, but the general rule of thumb is that the season progresses from north to south. Hokkaido will see the first bursts of color in mid-September. Tokyo and surrounding areas are best in late November. Hama-rikyu and Rikugien gardens in the city are beautiful, traditional viewing spots.
Fall Festivals: Summer may be known for its matsuris, but Fall is no slouch in that department either! From 300-year-old traditions such as the Nezu Gongen Festival in September to the 24-hour-long Asakusa Tori no Ichi in November, there are plenty to check out. There's even a hanabi show set to a musical score in Chofu!
Tsukimi: Moon-viewing has been a tradition for more than a thousand years in Japan. Specific to the fifteenth day of the eighth month on the lunar calendar (this year, it will be 13 September), tsukimi is meant to be an opportunity to express gratitude for a good harvest and wish for luck for the future. Skytree and Tokyo Tower will each host special events to commemorate this year's tsukimi.
Fall Holidays
There are several public holidays in the fall, two of which we've written about already: Respect for the Aged Day (16 September), Autumnal Equinox (23 September), Health and Sports Day (14 October), Culture Day (3 November) and Labor Thanksgiving Day (23 November). Additionally, this year includes a special public holiday to observe Emperor Naruhito's enthronement ceremony on Tuesday, October 22.
That's a lot of time off!
Introduced to Japan by Tokyo Disneyland in 2000, Halloween has also become a popular holiday in Japan. While there isn't much trick-or-treating, and you're more likely to find adults dressed in costume for bar crawls, there are opportunities to celebrate with children. Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan both host haunted theme parks, and you'll have no trouble finding Halloween-themed candy to gorge on or purple pumpkins to carve.
Fall Food
Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, squash, sanma, oden and seasonal KitKats! The cuisine of Autumn is hearty and usually prepared in a way meant to warm you up. It's also prime time for kaki (persimmons) and chestnuts. Many farms around Tokyo allow you to pick your own, which makes for a fun and rewarding day trip for the family.
We hope your family finds plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the fun to be had in the months ahead. And as always, CareFinder's community of bilingual babysitters is here to help should you need a hand!
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