Tips for Going Back to School After Spring Break

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Child excited about returning to school after spring break

Tips for Going Back to School After Spring Break


After your kids enjoy so much time skiing, swimming, coding or just relaxing during Spring Break, getting them excited about heading back to school can be tough (no matter how ready you are for it). Whether they're used to sleeping in or more interested in playing outdoors than sitting in a classroom, your children may need some nudging to get back into the swing of things.

CareFinder has tips to help ease the transition after a school break!

1. Give them a heads up

Younger children especially may not have a full grasp on the concept of calendars. Maybe a week off from school has them convinced they'll never need to go back. Make it a point to give periodic reminders during Spring Break so that it doesn't come as a shock to the system the night before a new school day.

2. Try not to let routines slip

This can be tricky if they've gone away to camp during Spring Break, but ideally, you want to keep your child's routine as uninterrupted as possible. No late bedtimes, no hitting the snooze button. It's obviously much more difficult to wake up early or wind down at night if you've spent a week not doing either of these things. You can ensure your child's days are filled with fun and novel activities, but it'll help both of you in the long run if you maintain structure.

3. Reset and refresh

Spring Break makes for a great excuse to dig through backpacks and desk drawers to clean out old papers, broken crayons and pencils that have been sharpened to a nub. Take inventory of your child's school supplies and, age-depending, work with them to organize their homework space and backpack so that they can go into the new term clutter-free with fresh gear.

4. Keep tabs on assignments

Some teachers may assign projects or other activities over Spring Break. While your child may not be enthusiastic about the prospect, these are important opportunities to keep their minds sharp while not in school. Make sure they're spending time regularly on any larger assignments over the course of the break, rather than procrastinating. Saving a week's worth of work for one night is guaranteed to make any student less-than-enthusiastic about going back to school.

5. Sweeten the pot

Remind them that returning to school means they'll also see their favorite babysitters for drop-off, pick-up, homework help or after-school care again! Consider scheduling a sitter for an extra day if you already work with one regularly, or hire one for some fun diversion after the first week back. It's much easier for your child to be enthusiastic about the return of homework if they have a tutor to help, or a playdate on Saturday may be the incentive needed to get through that first Monday through Friday. As a bonus, you'll get some extra time to adjust too!


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