Summer Heat Safety Tips

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Summer Heat Safety Tips

Summer Heat Safety Tips

In case you haven't been outside lately (and with all this rain, it wouldn't be surprising!), just a head's up: it's hot out there! Summer in Japan is usually marked by warm weather and high humidity. Despite the extended rainy season, this year won't be an exception.
Add to that the ongoing issue of COVID spread and the necessity to wear masks, being out and about in the summer heat can come with some very real health concerns. Dehydration and heat illness (or heat stroke) are common concerns exacerbated by mask-wearing. Luckily, there are simple things you and your family can do to stay safe.

Heat safety when you're outdoors...

- If possible, avoid being outside during the strongest sunshine. Use a parasol or find shade whenever you can.
- Maintain social distance. If you are two meters or more away from one another, it is safer to socialize without your mask on.
- Wear lightweight, breathable clothing.
- Use cooling agents (ice packs, cold towels, etc) to help lower your body temperature.

Heat safety when you're indoors...

- Use air conditioners and/or fans whenever possible to lower the room temperature.
- Lower blinds and close curtains to help shade the room.

Heat Safety no matter where you are...

Hydrate! Make sure to drink plenty of water, regardless of how thirsty you feel. The elderly and children are especially at risk of heat illness and may not realize when they're dehydrated. Make it a habit to have a glass of water every hour or so, even if and especially when wearing a mask.
There are plenty of additional insights and resources available from the government (in English and Japanese) that you can use to keep your family healthy and safe this summer.
Stay cool!
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