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summer around the world: food

Summer Around the World: Food

With the advent of modern farming and preservatives, these days there aren't many foods we can't get hold of any time of the year we want - in season or not. But there is still something very special about enjoying a summertime staple IN the summer.
We've done some research into the popular summer dishes of a few places represented in the CareFinder community and have shared them below, as well as where you can find the closest approximation right here in Tokyo. Happy eating!
"Soup" isn't often a dish we think of for the hot, humid days of summer, but the Spanish love gazpacho, a chilled vegetable soup. The veggies are raw and blended up, making gazpacho refreshing and healthy food.
Where to get it in Tokyo: Order online
Acai is well-known to most people these days, thanks to heavy marketing of its nutritional benefits. That doesn't mean a cool acai bowl, topped with granola and fruit, isn't still a delicious and healthy way to kick off your summer days!
Where to get it in Tokyo: Fruta Fruta, Shinjuku & Shibuya
In the summer, Canada hosts a PoutineFest - essentially, a whole festival dedicated to celebrating this dish consisting of french fries/chips doused in cheese curds and gravy.
Where to get it in Tokyo: Robson Fries, Kitazawa 
Nothing says summertime like a sweet, fruity dessert and England's traditional Eton Mess checks all the boxes. With berries, meringue and cream, it's the perfect treat to end a picnic.
Where to get it in Tokyo: Franze & Evans, Jingumae 
New Zealand
As with most people, New Zealanders love ice cream in the summer, but they don't settle for any boring, traditional flavors. The most popular choice is "Hokey Pokey" ice cream - which is a vanilla base chock full of solid honeycomb toffee.
Where to get it in Tokyo: Zealander, Marunouchi 
Everyone loves a dumpling and Polish pierogi are no exception! They can be sweet or savory, and in the summer, fruit-stuffed pierogies are the perfect treats.
Where to get it in Tokyo: Paczkarnia, Kikunodai 
South Africa
In South Africa, they don't limit themselves on dishes but they do have a preference for preparation - and that's the braai. Similar to a barbecue, a traditional braai uses wood rather than coals, gas or electric to stoke the fire.
Where to get it in Tokyo: You might need to swing an invite to the Ambassador's residence for this one!
Halo-halo is the dish of the summer in the Philippines. It can be tweaked to your taste buds' preferences but commonly includes crushed ice, sweetened beans, coconut strips, seaweed gelatin, evaporated milk, sliced fruit and flan - all topped with a scoop of ice cream!
Where to get it in Tokyo: New Nanay's, Roppongi 
CareFinder's sitters represent 60 countries across the world; that's a lot of different palates. Ask your sitter today what their favorite summer dish from home is and maybe they'll help make it with your family!
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