Stay-at-Home Self-Care: Suggestions for Staying Sane

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stay at home self care for parents during coronavirus

Stay-at-Home Self-Care: Suggestions for Staying Sane

If you're going a little stir-crazy after several weeks of being at home, working from home and sometimes teaching at home thanks to school closures, you're not alone! The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in billions of people around the world being cooped up indoors in an effort to "flatten the curve."
While there may be some comfort in company, it's likely not helping you to stay cool, calm and collected. And to be fair: there is a global pandemic that's upending society and economies all over the world. You're allowed to be out of sorts! But existing in crisis mode, especially when you also have children to take care of, isn't sustainable.
So, we've rounded up a few ideas on how to help you practice stay-at-home self-care. Schedule a sitter for virtual tutoring or a fun distraction for the kids and take some time to take care of you!

Video Games

Adults all over the world are rediscovering the joy and distraction that can come from video games. Animal Crossing is an increasingly popular Nintendo Switch option and, for those of you familiar with the American classic Oregon Trail, you can access it anytime online. To really shut your brain off and just give in to the game, check out Candy Crush, BricksBreaker or any of Atari's greatest hits.

Stay Active

Luckily (or not), as stay-at-home orders have been issued, the weather has improved. If you're able to get out and go for a walk, run or bike ride responsibly (wear your mask and avoid other people!), it's a great time of year for outdoor activity. Moving your body is not only good for your physical well-being but has the added effect of boosting your mood, as well.
If you can't or choose not to go outside, there are many virtual options, too. Mom in Balance Tokyo is offering live-streamed workouts(if you're new, they're offering a free trial), as is My Body My Pilates. Our new online lives also mean you don't need to limit yourself to local classes (though it's great for helping out small businesses!); you can find online classes from some of the biggest names in fitness from all over the world.
food and wine delivery

Food & Wine Delivery

The coronavirus has altered a million things about the way we live our lives. One of the saddest for many foodies: the inability to go out to eat and drink. However! Many restaurants, as they too struggle to adapt to this "new normal," are offering to-go and delivery options. If you are tired of making every single meal at home, you just may find that some of your favorites can be brought right to your door. Uber Eats is a great resource (and offers contact-less delivery) and you can also reach out to restaurants directly to see what options they might be offering.
Some of the CareFinder team's favorites include:
Meat, seafood and cheese for delivery anywhere in Japan
Healthy rice bowls in Sangenjaya
Inexpensive Thai food in Kagurazaka


It sounds like a cliche, but pushing pause on the day for some meditation can do wonders for your psyche. It reduces stress and anxiety (very important these days!) and can also improve your attention span and memory retention. Studies show meditation can also help you become a kinder person, something that will be very beneficial as your family continues to spend A LOT of time together.
Headspace has tips for beginners and Oprah Magazine has a great list of meditation apps to check out.
Virtual Connection
We're probably all a little "over" Zoom work meetings, but don't let that turn you off from using video platforms to connect with friends and family! Many of us have loved ones scattered around the country, if not around the world. Connecting socially, even if only virtually, can benefit your mental well-being big time.
Virtual Happy Hours are a fun way to touch base with friends and unwind a little. Corraling everyone (especially if there are several time zones to consider) can prove tricky, but if you plan ahead of time, they are a great way to interact with other adults and let off some steam.
relaxing activities

Puzzles, Arts and Crafts

While you may be scrounging around for any and all arts and crafts projects for the kids, don't underestimate the power of creativity for you, too! Jigsaw puzzles, coloring books and crafting are wonderful diversions no matter what your age.
Channel your creative energy to small home improvement projects, learning to cross-stitch or watercolor painting. It will help to keep your mind sharp and will also give you a sense of purpose. Amazon has tons of DIY inspiration and materials.

At-Home Spa

Nothing says "self care" like "at-home spa!" Since you can't go to your favorite salon or onsen, try to recreate the experience where you are. Online stores like iHerb offer a plethora of masks, lotions, candles, essential oils and bath products to choose from. Shiseido and SK-II products can be ordered online, as can handmade treats from global bath bomb champion LUSH.
If you need inspiration or tips for your own DIY spa day (as well as some specific product recommendations), Glamour Magazine has you covered!
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