Spring in Tokyo: Activities for the Whole Family

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springtime activities in tokyo for the whole family

Spring in Tokyo: Activities for the Whole Family


Knock on wood: the weather in Tokyo lately has been beautiful! When our options for family-friendly entertainment are especially limited, it's nice to be able to run and play outside. But while it seems like springtime is definitely on its way...last year we had snow in March. So let's take advantage of the sunshine and warm temperatures with some of CareFinder's favorite "Spring in Tokyo" family activities!


It's popular for a reason! Not only are hanami picnics a great way to enjoy the outdoors and a tasty meal, but the atmosphere also can't be beat! Now in mid-February, ume blossoms are popping up all over the place. Cherry blossoms are expected to be in full bloom toward the end of March, so plan accordingly.

Komazawa Olympic Park

This destination has tons of ways for your family (including four-legged friends!) to get your wiggles out. There's a great running, walking or biking trail — including specific bike paths for young kids still learning to ride — as well as playgrounds, basketball courts and ample space for flying kites. And the ume blossoms are already popping up!


Yoyogi park is another hanami destination with room to run! There are more than 700 cherry trees in the park, and there's ample space (though it does fill up quickly) to spread a tarp and share snacks with your family. There is also a lot of other nature to take in, including ponds, flower gardens and rock-a-billy breakdancers.

Imperial Palace

There's a reason the palace grounds are traditionally packed with people during sakura season! The cherry trees lining the moat surrounding the palace are beautiful; you'll definitely get an Instagram-worthy shot or ten.

Fruit Picking

If you haven't already realized, fruits in Japanese markets are very seasonal. While this may mean you have a limited time to get your hands on a watermelon, it also means the fruits you can find are sure to taste exactly as mother nature intended!

Your family can get in on the action by picking your own in-season fruits. There are several farms in and around Tokyo that make for great day trips. Grab all-you-can-eat strawberries from this farm in Setagaya. If you'd prefer strawberries grown outdoors, check out Niikura Farm. Mother Farm usually offers much more than just fruit picking, including a petting zoo and carnival rides. Due to the state of emergency, it's currently only open for a drive-through experience until February 19, but this is a spot worth keeping an eye on for updates.

Play Parks

Unless you are lucky enough to have ample outdoor space at home, chances are you're always in search of new places to let the kids run loose. Fortunately, there are lots of play parks in Tokyo! With plenty of slides, jungle gyms, and other things to crawl over, under, and around, the places below are some of our favorites.

Shibuya Haruogawa Play Park: There is no shortage of creative play spaces at this park, including some that may result in very messy chilren. Bring a change of clothes!

Shinagawa Children's Adventure Plaza: In addition to all the standard trappings of a play park, this destination also offers sessions specifically geared toward the littlest kids and their parents.

Sakurazaka Park: This park may be a little more bare-bones than some others, but it's centrally located and makes for a great pit stop after a day of errands and/or shopping.

Inokashira Park: This park has it all! Tons of nature, lots of space and paddle boats! Let the kids burn some energy as they chauffeur you around the pretty pond, while you take in all the beautiful blossoms.

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