Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

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Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family


Those late summer temperatures in Tokyo may not inspire too many outdoor excursions for your family at the moment, but soon the heat and humidity will break and it will be the perfect time to head outside!

With many of our favorite family-friendly indoor options still operating on a limited basis due (understandably) to COVID-19, there is an even greater incentive to find fun things to do outdoors instead.

CareFinder has shared lots of fun suggestions before, like hiking and shopping street fairs, and we have a few more for you to consider!



Tokyo2020 Olympics-Inspired

The Olympics this year were unique, to say the least. But the thrill of watching top athletes compete at their peak was still there!

If your family was inspired or intrigued by some of the sports you watched, here's an opportunity to try them out yourselves.

Miyashita Park in Shibuya is a great spot to give bouldering a try! Not only can the family take turns climbing the rooftop rockwall, there's plenty of shopping and other entertainment close by.

If you're interested in surfing but don't want to make a trek out to the beach, we suggest citywave Tokyo in Shinagawa! Learn to hang ten in a controlled environment, at your own speed. Beginner level and kids' classes are offered.

There are tons of fun outdoor activities on offer from Mother Farm in Chiba, but if dressage or the other equestrian events caught your eye, this is a great place to get acquainted with horses! The supervised horseback ride experience is the perfect (safe) introduction for any little guys in your household.



"Roughing" It

Camping in the traditional sense may not be your family's cup of tea. Luckily, there are plenty of sites in and around Tokyo that offer varying degrees of ruggedness for the family that wants to sleep under the stars.

Nagatoro and Fureai have nice "glamping" options that will allow your family to enjoy nature without sleeping on the ground. And Opark Ogose, in Saitama, offers dome cabins in cartoon character designs, in addition to traditional glamping fare. Staying in one of those, which includes TV and air conditioning, may be stretching the definition of "camping," but we're counting it!



Rooftop Views

Tokyo is a massive city, but it can be easy to lose sight (literally) of its expanse from down on street level. Might we suggest taking advantage of one of the many amazing rooftop gardens in the city? Get a dose of nature and a renewed appreciation for this awesome city!

One of our favorites is Meguro Sky Garden. It's built on top of a highway overpass in the busting Meguro ward, but the abundance of trees, flowers and other plants will make your family feel like you've stepped into an expansive park on the outskirts of town. On a clear evening, you can also watch the sunset and catch the silhouette of Mt. Fuji!

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