Life Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom

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life lessons learned outside the classroom

Life Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom

To say that life for your family has changed dramatically over the last few weeks is a bit of an understatement. In addition to all of the extra time you may be spending at home together, your child has been out of school. Some schools have offered remote learning options. Some schools haven't. But either way, your children haven't had a traditional learning environment for several weeks.
And unlike scheduled breaks from school, this one was far from planned. So while we're sure you're doing your best to assist with algebra homework, you can absolutely be forgiven if you're at a loss on how to salvage your children's education in the moment.
There is good news, though! As important as traditional education is, there are many valuable lessons children can learn outside of the classroom. You may have even taught one or two already without realizing it.

1. Resiliency

Pandemics aside, it's fair to say that life often is not fair. Kids who had to leave school likely miss their friends, their teachers, their routine. It is hard to so quickly have to recalibrate your life, but it's important to learn that sometimes, you need to! And learning how to handle setbacks early makes dealing with the inevitable challenges we face later in life much easier.

2. Creativity

Of course, there are many classes and lessons in school that help to encourage creativity. But there is a different kind of creativity at play when your child needs to adapt to a new (albeit, temporary) way of life. Without as much access to friends and their usual forms of entertainment, they're forced to tap into their imaginations. Online lessons are a godsend when schools are closed, but may not serve the specific needs of every child. Now is the time to explore different methods for learning; you may be surprised at what works!

3. Compassion and Empathy

Chances are your whole family is spending the day around one another, if not directly in contact. And chances are, it's not just your child's life that's been drastically changed in the last few weeks. Everyone at home is probably dealing with their own special stress. It's a great opportunity for your children to learn compassion and empathy for their family members' struggles.

4. Patience

Many things are out of our control. Whether the internet is being slow, math lessons are harder to learn without a teacher's guidance or social distancing is lasting far longer than we'd like, there are many tests to our patience these days. For children, patience is a hard lesson to learn. But the current environment may actually make it easier: as parents, you have more opportunities than usual to walk your children through their reactions to trying situations.
Some schools are slated to open up again in the coming weeks and we are sure it cannot happen soon enough for some families! We hope that your family continues to stay safe and healthy. And, as always, we are here to help! Find the sitter for your family today.
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