Japanese Phrases All Parents Should Know

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Japanese Phrases All Parents should know

Japanese Phrases All Parents Should Know


Learning a new language is fun, keeps your brain sharp, and is of course pretty helpful if everyone around you speaks it! But it can be difficult — especially for grownups who may not have time for studying. Even while living abroad, picking up the local language can take years.

Living in Tokyo means you can get around pretty well without speaking Japanese. Many restaurants offer English menus, many people are thrilled to practice their English on you, and there is always Google Tranlate to help out in a pinch. But being a parent in Japan necessitates being able to communicate effectively and, in an emergency, efficiently.

So CareFinder has created a list of handy Japanese terms and phrases every parent should know. Check them out below! What would you add to this list?


Headed out for lunch or shopping? These phrases can help you navigate in general settings, from finding out the cost of an item to locating the toilet.

I don’t understand

わかりません = Wakarimasen

Once again, please (“Repeat that”)

もう一度お願いします = Mou Ichido Onegai Shimasu

Can you speak English?

英語を話せますか = Eigo wo Hanasemasu ka

Is English OK?

英語でもいいですか?= Eigo demo, ii desu ka?

Where is ....

 ...はどこですか? = ..Doko Desuka? 

Up, Down, Right, Left

うえ、した、みぎ、ひだり= Ue, Shita, Migi, Hidari 

How much does it cost?

いくらですか? = Ikura Desuka?

Can I pay by credit card?

カードでいいですか = Kādo de īdesu ka

Could you write that down

かいてもらえますか?= Kaitemorae masuka?

Just a moment, please.

ちょっとまってください = Chotto matte kudasai


トイレ = toire


助けて!= tasukete! 


警察 = keisatsu


円 = en 



While you can likely find a pediatrician who speaks English for regular visits, you'll want to know some key phrases in the event of a medical emergency!

Pardon me, I'm pregnant. May I sit there please?


Sumimasen, watashiwa ninpu shite imasunode, suwattemo iidesuka?

My child has a _______ allergy

私の子どもは(   )アレルギーがあります = Watashi no kodomo wa ______ arerugii ga arimasu.

- nut

ナッツ = nattsu

- gluten

グルテン = guruten

- egg

たまご = tamago

Is this hypoallergenic?

これは低刺激性ですか?= Korewa teishigekisei desuka?

Is your restaurant children-friendly?

子どもも入れるレストランですか?= Kodomomo haireru resutoran desuka?

I’d like to make an appointment to see the doctor.

診察の予約をお願いします= Shinsatsu no yoyaku wo onegaishimasu 

- penicillin

ペニシリン = penishirin

- latex

ラテックス、天然ゴム = ratekkusu, tennengomu

I don't feel well.

ぐあいがわるいです= Guai ga warui desu

I have medical insurance

私は保険証を持っています。= Watashi wa hoken-shou wo motte imasu

I don’t have medical insurance

私は保険証を持っていません。= Watashi wa hoken-shou wo motte imasen


痰 (たん) = tan

Coughing/a cough

咳 (せき) = seki


熱 (ねつ) = netsu


ストレス(すとれす) = sutoresu

Cold medicine

風邪薬 = kaze gusuri


錠剤 = jouzai


薬 = kusuri


お腹 = onaka


喉 = nodo


頭 = atama


鼻 = hana


School and Activities

Even if your child attends international school, knowing how to communicate can expand opportunities for sports teams, tutoring and other extracurricular activities.


サッカー = sakkah


野球 = yakyu


チェス = chesu

After-school pick-up

学校への迎え = gakko heno mukae

Morning drop-off

学校への送り = asa no gakkou heno okuri


遠足 = ensoku


宿題 = shukudai


試験 = shiken


先生 = sensei


校長先生 = kocho sensei


教室 = kyoshitsu


校庭 = kotei

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