How We Find the Best Babysitters for Your Family

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How We Find the Best Babysitters for Your Family

How We Find the Best Babysitters for Your Family

At CareFinder, we've met with a lot of people who want to be babysitters. Over the course of thousands of interviews and working closely with sitters and families for more than six years, we've found there are several key factors that determine if someone will be both a good babysitter and a good fit within our community.
And we are happy to share our expertise with you! Not only to give you insight into how CareFinder works, but also to help guide you as you make this important childcare decision.
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First and foremost, we only consider people who have experience looking after children. Whether they've babysat in the past, taught in a classroom or have raised or are raising their own kids, anyone seeking to be a babysitter with us should have a track record of care.
We also consider carefully the specifics of that experience. Have they looked after newborns or children with special needs? Do they have qualifications to care for sick children? If so, we encourage them to highlight these on their profiles so that parents in need can find them easily. If not, we don't allow them to take on jobs they may not be suited to handle. Safety is always a top priority!
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Specialized Skill Sets

In addition to a background in babysitting, we are always on the look-out for individuals who have specialized skills. For example, the sitters in our community represent more than 60 countries from six continents. Do they have cultural knowledge to share with our families? Can they help tutor children in their language?
Our sitters are also accomplished cooks, artists, musicians, teachers, nurses, dancers and more. Each of these skills bring something more to the table beyond "just" a babysitter; they are able to engage children in their hobbies and even teach them, as well. We aim to provide families with as much quality as we do value and a babysitter who wears several hats is a great way to accomplish that.
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Connection with Families

This one is critical! No matter how experienced or skilled a babysitter is, if we don't feel they'd fit well with the families in our community, we don't approve them. Just as our babysitters represent a diverse group, so do the families who use our platform. We are always aware of cultural differences and sensitivities and put a lot of effort into ensuring an array of sitters are available to match the needs of the families who trust us.
While some characteristics can be sussed out with a quick glance at a CV, others are only found through interaction, which is why CareFinder thoroughly vets and interviews any sitter approved on our platform. It is also why we recommend every parent also has a face-to-face meeting with their chosen babysitter ahead of their first job.
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Clear Communication

This doesn't just mean a sitter can speak the same language; it means they are going to understand the families they work with. Parents need to be comfortable with the individual they are leaving to watch their children. In order to do so, they have to trust that the babysitter not only embodies the elements CareFinder has screened for, but will also be on the same page with regard to rules for the kids and expectations for the job.
Our babysitters are required to be honest and upfront about what they can or cannot do (from watching infants to cooking dinner) and we ask our families to be just as specific about their needs. Our ultimate goals are a successful babysitting experience and the creation of a trusting relationship between sitter and family. The most effective and easiest way to achieve these is through clear communication.
At CareFinder, our team members are finding and vetting new babysitters to add to our platform every day. We work hard to ensure that every family is able to find the sitter that will be right for them. We encourage you to check in regularly - even if you are working with a wonderful sitter now, having a back-up (or two!) is always smart - and if you don't find what you're looking for, or have any other comments or questions, you can always reach out to us at
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