How children benefit from having babysitters

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How children benefit from having babysitters


There's no doubt that having a babysitter is largely beneficial to parents; babysitting can provide parents with work flexibility, ability to foster your relationship with your partner, relaxation, consistence, and perhaps most importantly, a peace of mind. But how does hiring a babysitter benefit your children?


1. Interaction with other Adults


Young children learn most of what they know about adults from their parents and other family members like grandparents, uncles and aunts. This means that they don’t get a lot of opportunities to interact with adults of different backgrounds, experiences, skills, and philosophies until they are of school age. Even once children are in school, often their only interaction with non-family adults are their teachers and other authoritarian figures. Babysitters provide an opportunity for children to interact with different kinds of adults who can offer positive guidance and mentorship. Additionally, if your child is used to meeting and conversing with non-family adults when they are young, they are more likely to be able to carry themselves maturely and professionally later in adolescence.


2. Individual Attention     


Unlike other services like daycare or at school, babysitters are able to provide your child with plenty of individual attention with no competition. Not only does this mean that your child is able to receive care that is more comfortable and fitting for him/her but it also means that if your child needs extra care, he/she is able to receive it.


3. Comfort of the Home


One of the great advantages of a babysitter is that they come to you. This is a win-win for both you and your child because it saves you time and provides your child with the comfort and relaxation of being somewhere they are very familiar with like their own home. Your child is able to keep all of their schedules and routines that are important for a child’s development.


4. Reduced Screen Time


CareFinder babysitters are quality sitters that are interactive and educational rather than sitters who just switch on the TV for the next 3 hours. The time your child spends with a babysitter won’t be spent passively in front of a screen but instead, actively engaging in an activity indoors or outdoors. Not only is this better for your child in terms of brain development, but also in terms of their health and wellbeing.


5. Learn Another Language or About Another Culture


Representing over 30 nationalities and 30 languages, CareFinder babysitters are not just any babysitters. Many babysitters on CareFinder have extensive experiences both overseas and in Japan and can offer your child with a cross cultural experience that’s hard to get elsewhere. The time your child spends with a CareFinder babysitter is valuable time in which your child has the opportunity to learn a new language, a new culture, and most importantly learn how to interact with people of different cultures. These are experiences and skills that will without a doubt help your child throughout their long life as they navigate this increasingly globalized world.


6. Acquire New Hobbies/Skills


Babysitters can provide your child with the opportunity to try new things and acquire new hobbies and skills. Children’s sports practices and other extracurricular activities can be hard for working parents because of the inconvenient and inflexible pick-up and drop-off times. But with a babysitter, your child can start taking those dance lessons or join that swim team he/she has always wanted to try. In addition, babysitters themselves have a wide range of skills and hobbies they can share with your child, creating multiple opportunities for your child to expand their horizons!    

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