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Coping with Coronavirus Worries

Helping Your Family Cope with Coronavirus Worries

Thanks to the uncertainty around coronavirus, your family's life probably feels a bit more stressful than usual these days. With school closures, you've had to quickly learn to navigate remote learning, in addition to figuring out childcare and a comfortable way for the whole family to work, learn and live at home a lot more often.
Just as you're feeling a bit frazzled, your children may also be feeling the effects of the situation. Especially for children not quite old enough to grasp exactly what's happening, things can be very confusing and scary. They know they see their friends less and wash their hands a whole lot more, but don't understand why.
Fortunately, there are tips and tactics you can use to help mitigate stress for your family. In addition to modeling calm behavior, emphasizing the importance of factual information, avoiding stigmatization and monitoring media consumption and screen time, parents can use the below resources to help guide their families during this stressful time.
TELL is the go-to source for mental health and well-being support for international families living in Japan. In addition to providing resources and services for people of all ages struggling with anxiety, depression or stress, they've also put together a comprehensive guide for coping with a pandemic.
Included are tips and resources for education and information, family preparedness and mental well-being practices. You can read the whole article here
KidsHealth is an educational site from a nonprofit children's health system in the United States. It's an online resource center with tools for children, teens and parents to better understand any physical, mental or behavioral issues they're facing.
While not specifically pandemic-focused, the KidsHealth article on speaking with your children about the news is very helpful. From giving them space to openly discuss their fears to keeping tabs on their TV and monitor time, it's filled with information you can use now and keep in your back pocket for the future, as well.
Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have in-depth guidance for helping children cope with emergencies. The World Health Organization has a convenient "Myth Busters" page on COVID-19 that is also useful in discussing facts and fictions around the virus.
We hope that your family is able to use these resources. While many aspects of our current situation are not within our control, how we manage in light of them is! Stay healthy and remember that CareFinder's community is always here to help in any way we can.
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