Fun Activities (For Stir-Crazy Kids)

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Fun activities for stir-crazy kids

Fun Activities (For Stir-Crazy Kids)

The holiday season is a time filled with fun events and plenty of things to keep kids entertained and occupied while school is on break. But what happens next week, when the holidays are sadly over but winter's still here? How are you going to keep them from going a bit stir-crazy?
Don't worry; CareFinder has ideas for you! From indoor arts and crafts to games that get them excited about reading, the end of the holiday season doesn't have to mean the end of fun for kids in the winter.
science experiments for kids

Science Experiments

By now you've probably heard of the make-your-own-slime trend. What better time to test it out at home than when you're stuck indoors on a cold, wet or snowy day! They're surprisingly easy (and not as messy as you'd think) to make and teach children some elementary chemistry lessons. Here are a few recipes we like! 
You can find more fun science-y ideas here, as well. 


In our experience, there is nothing more exciting than building a fort in the living room out of whatever materials may be on hand. This time of year, with all the gift-giving and sales on major appliances, it's usually a good time to find a big cardboard box or two, but over-sized couch cushions and pillows are always good options as well. In addition to endless hours playing in their creations, the kids will have to use creative and critical thinking skills to construct something that won't immediately collapse.

Books & Literacy

Use the quiet time indoors as an excuse to plow through a reading list or introduce your child to new characters or themes. Aside from just picking up a book and reading, there are plenty of ways to encourage literacy.
The paper plate alphabet game is a great way to teach letters to little kids and let them blow off some energy, too. Conversely, we also like alphabet yoga for kids of all ages who maybe need a little "chill" time. A game of good old-fashioned Scrabble is always a great option, too. 
origami for kids

Paper Airplanes & Origami

We've talked before about the lessons building a paper airplane help teach. In Japan, creating amazing things from a stack of folding paper isn't exactly a new feat for many kids, but that doesn't mean it's not an activity that can easily kill a couple of hours indoors. Whether you have a beginner or a whiz kid, we love these ideas

Homemade Bird Feeders

There are endless variations on the homemade bird feeder for kids. Some are made from milk cartons, others from pine cones and others from ... toilet paper rolls! But no matter how you choose to go about it, making a bird feeder is the activity that keeps on giving. Once your child has hung it up outside, they'll be endlessly fascinated by the winged patrons who stop by for a bite.

Indoor Exercise

One of the biggest issues with being stuck indoors during the winter months is the lack of physical activity. As engaging as board games or arts and crafts may be, sometimes kids just need to let loose. When letting them out the front door to run around the neighborhood isn't an option, there are plenty of ways to exert some energy inside.
Even if you don't have massive amounts of space (and this is Tokyo, so let's be real - you probably don't!), you can have freeze-dance parties, clean-up races or place balloon ball. This list has even more ideas! 
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