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Family friendly events and activities in Tokyo October november

Family Friendly Events and Activities in Tokyo: October/November

From air shows to car shows to ramen shows to matsuris and fairs, your family has no excuse to be bored over the next few weeks! The CareFinder Team has rounded up some really fun things to do in and around Tokyo in late October (for information on celebrating Halloween in Tokyo, check out our guide!) and early November. Read more below.
16 - 18 October
In addition to lanterns and taiko drumming, you can take in a thrilling, traveling show featuring international performers. This festival has been around since the Edo area, so you know it'll be a good time.
19/20 October
We love the Tokyo Toy Museum any day, but during the festival it will be extra fun! In addition to the regular interactive displays, vendors and craftsmen will be on-hand to talk about where the toys come from. You even have the option to make your own!
19 October
Know any kids who are into creepy crawlies? This is the event for them! Snack on crickets (if you want...) and learn about the world of termites from scientists.
24 October - 4 November
A perfect outing for the gearheads in your households! Check out all the latest models from your favorite makers as well as cutting edge vehicles and self-driving models.
25/26 October
What better time than Halloween season for Japanese ghost stories?! Head to the Edo Performing Arts Festival in Asakusa for spooky tales, as well as theater, dance and Japanese tea ceremony workshops.
24 October - 4 November
The crisp days and cool nights of Fall create the perfect timing for this annual ramen extravaganza. Take the family to try out the very best noodles from all over Japan; just be sure to save room for them all!
Ends 4 November
Frozen Mammoths set the stage for a "Jurassic Park" -style comeback at this fascinating exhibit at the Miraikan in Odaiba. The opportunity to check out the well-preserved remains ends soon!
3 November
Archers on horseback sometimes make appearances at matsuri, but at this event during the Autumn Grand Festival, they take center stage. Head to the west entrance to see the skilled riders in action.
2/3 November
An exceptionally family-friendly festival, the Suginami Festa will have all the standard fare, as well as character performances the kids are sure to love!
1 - 3 November
A bit different than the standard festival, the Aoyama Festival usually draws more than 100,000 people. This annual event features celebrities, fashion shows and concerts.
1 - 3 November
No need to leave Tokyo to enjoy the brats and beers of Germany! In addition to the delicious food and drink, there's plenty of German culture and music to keep you entertained.
3 November
Parachute drops and acrobatic stunts in the sky make this event a can't-miss! It's a super popular event, so be prepared for crowds and make plans to take public transit if you can; parking will be limited
3 November
There are so many wonderful opportunities to learn about the many cultures represented in Tokyo; add this one to the list! The International Exchange features people from near and far who want to share more about their cultures.
1 - 5 November
Indoor and outdoor film screenings and hot-air balloon rides are just part of the draw of this event, the largest of its kind in Japan. Some films will also be accompanied by live performances from voice-over actors!
8 November
Make a wish with your family for good luck and good fortune at this event, which has been held since the Edo period. Make sure to buy one of the traditional silver or gold "kumade" rakes, as well.
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