Earth Day Activities for Your Family

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earth day activities in tokyo for your family

Earth Day Activities for Your Family


Earth Day is Thursday, April 22 and it's the perfect opportunity to not only enjoy the outdoors with your children but also to teach and inspire them! We only get one planet and our kids can be the next generation to take care of it (and it definitely needs some TLC!).

To encourage your family to celebrate and honor Earth Day this year, we've rounded up a few of our favorite activities. They're a lot of fun, educational and help to make the world a prettier, healthier place. There are also lots of great ways to participate in Earth Day Tokyo's efforts this year. You can check them out here.

(You can also check out our article on sustainability activities!)

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Teach your children all about the nature that surrounds them — while getting them out of the house and keeping them busy! Set up a scavenger hunt that will require your kids to identify different flowers, leaves, birds and more. To "prove" they found each, have them draw a picture or take a photo (best to leave the nature where it is!). 

Neighborhood Cleanup

A simple, but immediately impactful Earth Day activity for your family is a neighborhood cleanup! Grab gloves, a trash bag and a picker if you have one and get to work beautifying your block. Snag the stray bits of litter you come across and gather the recyclable bottles that escaped from the vending machine trash cans. You can also join Tokyo River Friends for their regularly scheduled river cleanups! 

Make Your Own Paper

Everyone loves stationery. Now, your family can put your own Earth-friendly twist on your memos by making your own! It's surprisingly simple; even young children can participate. All you need is a bunch of old paper scraps (think of all those flyers you get in the mail!), newspaper or magazines, and you're well on your way.

Recycling STEM Projects

Sneak some science lessons into your Earth Day activities! Young kids can innovate and invent from recyclable grab bags. Teach older kids about water treatment (not usually an engaging topic!) and the Earth's crust — with pudding! There are tons of ways to help them learn about our planet and the many ways we can help take care of it while having fun.

Recycling Craft Projects

One person's trash can become another person's treasure! Using milk cartons, tin cans, sauce jars, newspapers and more that might otherwise get trashed or thrown into a recycling heap, the kids can instead create something beautiful for your home or garden. Got a bunch of baby food jars laying around? Turn them into delightful candles! Tin cans become a wind chime. That newspaper pile that's been slowly growing? It's now award-worthy art!

The Lorax

Reading a book is always a recommendation from CareFinder! And luckily, there are lots of great options that are perfect for Earth Day story times. The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss, is a classic for a reason. You can also check out Curious George Plants a Tree, The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge and the rest of the books on this great list

Birdseed Ornaments

Bring nature closer to home with fun birdfeeders! Create ornaments for trees in your yard using gelatin, cookie cutters and birdseed. It's a simple craft that has big rewards when you get to watch the many winged visitors who show up for a snack. If you have bigger kids, and a little more patience, you can build a birdhouse/feeder combo. There are lots of fun ideas here

Get Messy Outdoors

One of the best parts about celebrating and enjoying Mother Nature is how much easier it is to clean up after arts and crafts! Take the kids outside and let them get messy exploring finger paints, exploding crafts and sidewalk chalk. Create Earth Day greetings for the whole neighborhood with this colorful set from Crayola.

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