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CareFinder 2019 Gift Guide

CareFinder 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you celebrate any winter holidays or just enjoy spreading happiness through gift-giving, 'tis the season!
Figuring out what to get can be tough, so the CareFinder team thought we'd help you out. We've put together a gift guide with our suggestions for everyone on your list. Everything can be purchased in or shipped to Tokyo and they're all perfect presents for the parents, kids, spouses, friends and other family members you're shopping for.
This is Megumi's favorite socks brand! The whole family can wear matching socks. With tons of fun patterns and sizes for everyone, you can turn these everyday items into a treat for your feet. Shipping in Japan is free and orders are delivered between three and five business days.
This is a great website for finding unique hand-made items. There's a knit baby Yoda for the Mandalorian fans at home, personalized pet portraits, artisanal candles, jewelry, purses, toys, clothing, collectibles and much more. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind item, and you want to support small shops and artists, be sure to check out Etsy
Sometimes an experience is the best gift you can give! Choose a price point and the recipient can pick from several different options for a truly unique gift that they'll remember for years to come. Some example experiences include fine dining, spa treatments, paragliding, hot air balloon rides, sake brewery tours and much, much more.
We've recommended this place before, but Oedo Onsen in Odaiba is truly a wonderful spot for the whole family. Complete with a ninja star-throwing stand, a candy shop and countless ways to have fun (in addition to the onsen, of course!), this is a great place to spend a whole day together. You can purchase tickets here
Your kids.will LOVE you for this one. VR Park Tokyo in Shibuya has several mind-blowing virtual reality activities to try out with the 110-minute all-you-can-play. As a note, children under seven won't be allowed to participate.
Whether your kids are into creating from scratch or have their eye on a specific kit, it's hard to go wrong with a LEGO set. You can even go online to search for Japanese-themed building inspiration
Board games are always a great way for kids to learn and are fun activities the whole family can enjoy. There are plenty of game and toy shops around Tokyo. Amazon is always a good option, as well! You can find unique-to-Japan games or classics from home. With the cooler temperatures and shorter days of winter, playing a board game is a great way to stay cozy and keep everyone entertained.
Innisfree is a great brand to check out if anyone on your list is interested in K-Beauty. Products are naturally sourced from Jeju Island in Korea, which is rich with volcanic soil. Stock up on cleansers, lotion, facial mists and masks - they make great stocking stuffers!
You'll be hard pressed to find any kid or adult who wouldn't be thrilled at the opportunity to spend an afternoon at a TeamLab exhibit! Interactive and digital art will completely surround you during an immersive, entertaining visit to the Planet exhibit in Toyosu. Tickets tend to sell out, though, so make sure you plan well in advance!
Striders are a wonderful starter bike for the littlest cyclists on your list. They're very lightweight and built to make balancing, ridign and handling a snap for toddlers. The company even claims that children can start to learn to ride on a Strider before they know how to talk!
Headphones with wires are so 2019! The Apple AirPods are the latest craze for listening to music, podcasts or chatting on the phone without getting tripped up while on the go. They'd make a great gift for the athlete on your list - or the busy business person.
The Rugby World Cup may have finished last month, but the "rook" on your list can still showcase their pride in Japan's national team, which lost in the quarter-finals to South Africa, the ultimate champion. As a bonus, they're heavily discounted!
Good luck! Monty might have been reaching a bit on this suggestion, but if you're able to get your hands on a ticket or two, whoever receives them this holiday season will undoubtedly be thrilled.
CareFinder's COO and resident skateboarding fanatic simply suggests "skate stuff!" for the adrenaline junkie on your gift list. You can shop online for boards, sneakers and other accessories at RF Skate  or drop by the store in person. Tatsumiya is located near Komazawa Park, which happens to have a skate park (very convenient!).
You could also consider treating them to a day at Trinity B3. A large indoor skate park in Itabashi, B3 is a great place for newbies, as there's also the option to rent gear.
Shaved ice is always a big hit at summertime matsuri, but the stalls pretty much disappear once the weather gets cooler. An at-home kakigori maker (+ requisite flavored syrup and condensed milk) is the perfect gift for the person on your list who can't get enough of the treat, year-round. They're also available in tons of varieties, from fun characters to vintage models.
The bathtubs in Japanese homes are perfect for a long soak; make it an even better experience with a bath pillow! This one from Hashy is super comfortable and specifically designed to dry easily. Plus, it's shaped like a penguin. It's the perfect gift for the person on your list who could use a little relaxation.
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