Beat the Tokyo Heat: Tips for Staying Cool in Japan this Summer

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beat the summer heat in tokyo: tips for staying cool

Beat the Tokyo Heat: Tips for Staying Cool in Japan this Summer



(Atsuidesu ne!)

It's hot, isn't it!

Be prepared to start hearing this phrase frequently! After rainy season in Tokyo — which is all humidity and grey skies — it's going to get hot in short order. Temperatures in the 30s will be common and in the city, where pavement and buildings help to trap the heat, it's going to feel even warmer. Even if you're able to occasionally escape to the mountains or the beach, where the weather is much cooler and nature provides some respite, if you live in and around Tokyo, it's likely your family won't really be able to avoid the late summer heat.

Luckily, there are a LOT of tips and tricks for staying as comfortable and safe as possible. After all, it happens every year so there are plenty of tried and true methods to beating the summer heat in Tokyo!

Heat Safety

Heatstroke is no joke. Young children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to this condition, which can cause disorientation, nausea and headaches, and if left untreated can have serious health consequences, including heart and brain damage. It's caused by excessive exposure to or physical activity in the sun and it's definitely a concern in Tokyo in the summer.

Some quick tips for keeping heatstroke at bay:

  1. Avoid being outdoors and active during the hottest points in the day.

  2. Take frequent breaks from outdoor activities (preferably in the shade or indoors).

  3. Wear lightweight, breathable clothing and use cooling products to help maintain your body temperature (see below for some suggestions!).

  4. Use air conditioning or fans indoors and keep curtains drawn during the warmest parts of the day.

  5. Drink plenty of water! Even if you're not being particularly active, it's much easier to dehydrate when temperatures are high. In addition to drinking water, your family can also get additional hydration through tasty fruits and veggies!

Staying Comfortable

In addition to the general tips above, there are a lot of great products you can buy to help your family stay cool, calm and collected in Tokyo's summer heat. And as a bonus, many are available at the closest conbini!

Neck Fan

These fun little devices are an ideal way to lower your temperature while out and about or commuting to the office. There are even cute options for the kids.

Clothing Spray

These neat, inexpensive sprays are available pretty much everywhere. They work to coat your clothes in a cooling agent so you don't work up a sweat. Many also have a very pleasant smell!

Cooling Sheets

Similar to the spray, these sheets help to cool down your whole body when they're placed strategically. There are many different kinds, so the whole family can be covered (literally!). These are also great tools for helping to bring down fevers.

Cooling Towels

Head to Daiso for these simple heat-busters. Just soak them in water, wring them out and wrap them around your and the kids' necks. Similar to the cooling sheets and spray, they help to keep your body temperature down — and feel nice!


Not just for rainy season! An umbrella — especially one with UV coating — easily doubles as a parasol for keeping the sun's harshest rays at bay. Kids' versions come in many fun colors and designs, too, making sun safety a fashion statement.

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