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Back to School preparation

Back to School: Tips for Preparing Now!

​Every year, it seems as if summer is just getting started when suddenly, it's time to head back to school! While the days can seem long on their own, ​summer​ itself goes by in the blink of an eye and preparing for the new school year feels like a rush after weeks of camp and vacations.
As you and your family start getting ready, CareFinder has ​some suggested things to ​consider​ now t​hat will ​make the transition easier ​ahead of classes kicking off in a couple of weeks.
Get Your Routine Started
Waking up late, going to bed late, unstructured days; summertime ​can be​ loosey-goosey when it comes to scheduling. Start getting everyone back on track now rather than waiting for school to mandate it. Build in time for summer reading or other projects that can later be used for homework. Create calendars with back-to-school prep activities​, like supply shopping,​ so the kids not only get used to the idea that, yes, school ​​will start again soon, but ​also have a timeline to prepare for it.
Extracurricular Planning
Are your kids participating in any aft​er-school activities? Make sure you have a handle on the schedule (games, practices, meetings, etc.) so you can arrange for pick-up or other transportation if needed. ​Ex​tracurricular​s ​can ​run late into the evening or​ start​ early on weekend mornings; if your schedul​e doesn’t allow for you to ​shuttle the kids to and fro, arrange ​ahead of time for a babysitter or ​carpool to take last-minute pressure off.
After-school Childcare
​Classes often end well before the workday does. Even if your child is old enough to get themselves back and forth without help, having a sitter meet them at home is great for your peace of mind, and their well-being. Whether it's to supervise, entertain, prepare dinner or keep on task (some kids will gladly postpone doing homework if they can!), a babysitter is a wonderful resource for kids of all ages after school. 
Tutoring Needs
With the new school year, there are often new educational challenges. If you anticipate the need for a little extra help in a subject or two, or just want to give your kids' learning a boost, tutoring is key. As you start to plan your schedule for the fall, make sure you incorporate time for it. Pro tip: look for a sitter who can double as a tutor! A qualified caregiver who can also teach math, science or another language is a great way to sneak in some lessons for a struggling student. And it's cost-effective too!
Even though it comes around like clockwork, back-to-school season always feels like a mad dash - but it doesn't have to! Stressed out parents send stressed out kids to school, so do what you can now to ease yourself and your family into the new academic year.
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