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Find 中国語-speaking Babysitter


総合評価: 5 (2 件)
英語, 中国語
¥1,500 ~ 4,000
埼玉県, 千葉県, 東京都


Hi there! I have 5 years of experience in baby sitting in Singapore, and is currently looking for children of 5 to 12 years of age. I enjoy arts and craft projects and singing! I am good at details and is definitely able to attend to the needs of your children. Born in Singapore, I am bilingual in English and Chinese . In addition, I have lived in Japan for three years and London for a year! Looking forward to meeting you and your child!

Important: Cancellation policy
On Day Cancellation: 100% of total earnings
One day before: 75% of total earnings
Two days before: 50% of total earnings
Three days before: No charge

For example, the job is on 5th Feb.

100% will apply on 5th, 75% of total amount will be charged if cancelled on 4th. 50% charged if cancelled on the 3rd.

您好! 我是Laurel! 我来自新加坡, 现在希望能找到 5-12 岁的孩子。我拥有五年照顾孩子的经验。 从小受双语教育的关系, 中文和英文都算流利。 我的兴趣爱好包括做一些手工艺品,唱歌之类的。 我也非常细心,所以有把握照顾好您的孩子。除了新加坡, 我也在日本和伦敦住了一阵子。 非常希望和你见面!

请注意: 取消条件
当天取消: 100% 收费
一天前取消: 75% 收费
两天前取消: 50% 收费
三天前取消: 不收费

比如说今天二月五号 有约定, 如果今天取消那就必须付100%的钱,如果一天前取消(二月四号)就必须付上75%的钱,两天前(二月三号) 的话就必须付50% 的钱。



総合評価: 5 (2 件)
日本語, 英語, 中国語, フランス語
¥1,500 ~ 2,000
東京都, 神奈川県

私の名前はノールです。 私はチュニジア人です, 私はアメリカに1年間住んでいた(高校時代の交換プログラム)と4年間中国に住んでいました。そこで私は学士号を学びました.私は北京でパートタイムの英語とフランス語の教師として働いていました. 私は流暢に英語、フランス語、アラビア語を話す, と 少し日本語と中国語を話します.私は描くこと、製作すること、料理すること、歌うことが大好きです!パートタイムの先生としての私の経験は、私にこれらの趣味を子供たちと教えながら共有する機会を与えました。あなたの子供を世話する機会を楽しみにしています!

My name is Nour and I am a graduate student currently studying Japanese in Tokyo. I am originally Tunisian but I've lived in the United States for a year during High school (exchange program) and in China for four years where I studied my bachelor degree and worked as a part time English and French teacher and a babysitter for more than two years. I speak fluently English, French and Arabic and a little bit of Chinese and Japanese. I love drawing, crafting, cooking and singing very much! My experience as a part-time teacher gave me the chance to share these hobbies with kids while teaching them. I am very cheerful, easy going and flexible ! I am looking forward to the opportunity to take care of your children, and I am sure that we will enjoy singing and playing together !

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Nour et je suis actuellement étudiante en langue Japonaise à Tokyo. Je parle maitriste le Français, l'Anglais et l'Arabe. Je parle aussi Japonais et un peu de Chinois vu que j'y ai vécu pendant quatre ans. Je suis aussi allée en échange aux États Unis pendant une année. J'adore jouer, danser et chanter avec les enfants! Je suis passionnée par l'art et je dessine et crée plusieurs choses. N'hésitez pas à me contenter, j'adorerais passer du temps avec vos enfants!



総合評価: 5 (1 件)
英語, 中国語
¥1,500 ~ 3,000


My name is Eli. I come from Slovakia and I study Chinese and Business. I am now an exchange student at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. I love Japanese language and culture so I hope I can learn a lot while being here in Kyoto. I like kids and I enjoy spending my time with them. I have been teaching English to two small kids before when I was in China aged between 4 and 10 two times a week for about a year. I think it was very nice so I would like to have a similar experience again. Apart from teaching small children, I have experience of taking care of small children both at work and my family. I used to work as an animator in Malta where one of my responsibilities was looking over the kids at the hotel´s kid´s club. At home, I usually take care of my 5 year old nephew and 2 year old niece. As of my interests, I like to spend time in nature, read books, make short vlogs, play musical instruments like Erhu or guitar and also study languages. I look forward to meeting you.

我叫Eli,中文名字叫仲野。我来自斯洛伐克。专业是中文和经济。我正在上京都的立命馆大学。我特别喜欢日本和日本的文化,希望我会在这里学到很多东西。我喜欢跟小孩在一起。我以前在上海读了一年的书,下课以后,我教两个小孩英文。我非常喜欢跟他们在一起的时间,所以我申请了这份工作因为我想再次体验一下一样快乐的时间。除了教小孩英文意外,我有照顾孩子的经验。我以前在酒馆工作,我的责任是照顾客人的孩子。在家里我也常常照顾我的外甥(5)和外甥女(2)。我的爱好是: 爬山,看书,拍视频,拉二胡或弹吉他而学外语。很期待跟你们见面。


ユジン (Yujin)

総合評価: 4.8 (4 件)
英語, 中国語, 韓国語
¥2,000 ~ 4,500


Hi, I'm Yujin:)
I have 2years experience babysitting children aged between 3-8years old. I have many cousins who are younger than me, and I loved taking care of them since I was young. I love children and interacting with them. I am tri-lingual in English, Korean, and Chinese. (I'm still in the process of learning Japanese.) I was born in Korea and lived in Korea until 6 years old, and moved to China for 6 years. Afterward, I moved to Singapore and lived there for 8years. Currently, I'm living in Japan and going to Waseda University.

When I've done babysitting in Singapore, I usually did outdoor activities such as playing at the playground or swimming. But I love to play indoor too such as playing puzzles/games or even helping kids with their homework. Since I'm trilingual, I can help kids with many different things and even learn new languages too.

When I have spare time, I like to draw or write journals! I also love taking pictures so if you don't mind, I can take great pictures of your kids! I'm very looking forward to the opportunity to take care of your children!

안녕하세요! 저는 현재 와세다학교를 다니고 있는 유진이라고 합니다. 비록 한국인이지만 중국과 싱가폴에서 대부분의 삶을 살았어요! 어릴적부터 사촌동생들을 많이 돌봐와서 아이들과 친숙하고 싱가폴과 한국에서 아이들 돌보는 일과 봉사를 많이 해왔습니다. 한국나이 7살부터 16살까지 영어 가르친적도 있습니다. 감사합니다:) 싱가폴에서 베이비시팅을 했을때 주로 바깥활동을 많이 했습니다 (예를 들어 수영이라던지 공원에 가거나 등등) 하지만, 안에서 하는 활동도 많이 했습니다! 예를 들어 퍼즐 맡추기, 게임이나, 또는 아이들 숙제를 도와주는것. 저는 3개국어를 유창하게 할 줄 알아서 아이들에게 새로운 언어를 가르쳐줄수도 있고 많은 다양한것들을 가르쳐줄수있습니다.
혼자만의 시간이 생길때는 그림을 그린다거나 일기를 쓰는것을 좋아합니다. 사진 찍는것도 좋아하여 부모님들께서 허락만 하신다면 아이들 사진을 예쁘게 찍어줄수도 있습니다! 맡겨주시면 재밌고 즐거운 시간을 보내도록 하겠습니다. 감사합니다:)

你好,我叫有珍。握从六岁开始学中文,在中国住了6年。我照顾过我的亲戚的孩子们,也在韩国和新加坡里教过7岁到16岁的小孩儿们。谢谢!在新加坡照顾孩子的时候,做了很多外面活动 (例如,游泳,去公园等)。但是,我也喜欢里面活动(例如,画画儿,拼图, 游戏,也可以帮孩子们的作业。)因为我可以讲3个语言,我可以帮孩子们很多不一样的东西,也可以教他们新语言的!我有自己的时间的时候,喜欢画画儿,写日记等。也是,我喜欢照照片,如果父母们允许的话,我可以找好漂亮的孩子们的照片。谢谢:)



ケアファインダーのベビーシッターの選択枠はとても良いですね。若い方、年上の方、バイリンガル、英語、日本語が母国語と、バラエティに富んでいてとてもびっくりしました。だから、私の家族に最適な人はすぐに見つかると感じたんです .