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Hi, my name is Vy ! I am from Montreal, Canada. I can speak 4 languages (English, French, Vietnamese and Japanese). This will be my third year in Japan and starting in April, I am a student at the Kwansei Gakuin University. I work as a home tutor on the side. 3 years ago, on a working holiday, I worked for KinderKids International School for 10 months. I loved my experience teaching to nursery and toddlers students. Since then, I've worked at Eikaiwas with different age groups (2-75 year-olds) and after school programs teaching English. I love being around kids and giving them a fun and natural way of learning English. I also grew up in a big and being surrounded by so many younger cousins, I did a lot of babysitting and tutoring! Since I have an artistic background, I love to do arts and crafts and keep things creative for the child to keep learning differently. I'm also a big cook! If it's possible, I would love to play around with cooking and baking all while having the kids help me in simple tasks. It would be an honour to work with your family. Hope to hear from you!

Bonjour, je m'appelle Vy et je viens de Montréal, Canada. Je parle 4 langues officiellement dont l'anglais, le français, le vietnamien et le japonais. Ça va faire bientôt 3 ans que je vis au Japon et en Avril, je serais étudiante à l'université de Kwansei Gakuin. En tant que travail à temps partiel, je suis tutrice privée. Il y a 3 ans, je suis venue au Japon pour faire un Working Holiday et entre temps, j'ai travailler pour KinderKids International school. Par la suite, j'ai travailler avec plusieurs Eikaiwas et des programmes de services de guarde. J'ai grandi dans une large famille dont plusieurs cousins et cousines. Puisque je suis la deuxième aînée de la famille, j'ai fait beaucoup de baby-sitting et de tutorat. J'adore les arts plastiques et je fait beaucoup de mini projets à la maison pour que les enfants apprennent et pour rester créatifs! Je cuisine aussi très souvent. Si c'est. possible de cuisiner ensemble. en pesant des recettes simples, ça me ferais plaisir. J'espère pouvoir bien m'introduire dans votre famille et j'espère de recevoir de vos nouvelles!


I've worked with different types of companies and with many Japanese kids within my 3 years of living in Japan. I worked with International Kingerten school with a very strict curriculum, an Eikaiwa that caters to all age groups, an after school program and I am currently a home tutor with my own lesson plans. I loved all my jobs mainly because I love finding ways to connect with every different child.

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Vy has a kind and very friendly personality. She is easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor which will come in handy for first meetings with children. Vy strives to make sure that any children she works with are able to have fun and learn in a safe environment. We believe that Vy will make a great babysitter or tutor for any CareFinder family!

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