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Hello! My name is Lohane and I am a college student in Japan. I am fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese thus I have basic conversational Japanese skills. I have been working as a babysitter for 4 years because I love children. I had many opportunities to take care of children and teenagers when I was a volunteer in church retreats and while my brothers were growing up, I gave my brothers potty training and taught them how to read and do math. When I worked as a volunteer in church, I took care of 80 children in total and helped them with crafts and sports activities and I also worked in Soka Kansai Camp as an English teacher to both children and teenagers. I have swimming lessons since I was a kid thus I used to play handball in leagues in Brazil and Barcelona asked me to play in their team in 2018. As a sports person I can teach your children my skills and hopefully contribute to their development in the area. I participated in many drawing contests in Brazil and got first place in most of them, I know how to draw, paint and do crafting since I was a kid, hopefully I can do fun activities with your children involving arts and crafts! I love to work as a babysitter because children are little angels and my days are always brighter around them.

Hola, mi nombre es Lohane y soy una estudiante universitária en Japon. Soy fluida en ingles, español, portugues y se japones basico para conversacion. He estado trabajando como niñera durante 3 años porque me gusta los niños. Tuve inumeras oportunidades de cuidar de niños y jovenes quando fui voluntária en retiros de iglesias y quando mis hermanos estavan creciendo, los enseñé a como utilizar el baño, a leer y matemáticas. Quando trabaje como voluntária en la iglesia yo me encargué de un total de 80 niños y niñas y los ayudé como trabajos recreativos de artes y actividades esportivas. Trabaje en el campamento Soka Kansai como profesora de ingles para niños y jovenes. Yo hago classes de natación desde niña y siempre jugava handball en ligas brasileñas hasta que Barcelona me llamó a jugar con ellos en 2018. Como soy una persona muy esportiva, espero poder ayudar en el desarrollo de sus hijos en esa aera. Yo se pintar, dibujar y recorte y colaje, y por eso participe en inumeras competiciones artisticas en Brasil. Me quedé en primer lugar en todas en las que participé. Espero poder hacer buenas actividades y creativas con sus hijos relacionando colaje y arte! Amo trabajar como niñera porque los niños son como pequeños angeles y mis dias son muy brillantes quando estoy rodeada de ellos.

Olá! Meu nome é Lohane e sou uma estudante universitária no Japão. Sou fluente em inglês, espanhol, português e sei japonês básico para conversação. Eu trabalho como babá há 3 anos porque eu amo crianças. Eu tive inúmeras oportunidades de cuidar de crianças e adolescentes quando fui voluntária em retiros da igreja e quando meus irmãos estavam crescendo, eu ensinei a eles como usar a privada, aprender a ler e aprender matemática. Quando eu trabalhei como voluntária na igreja cuidei de um total de 80 crianças e os ajudei com trabalhos recreativos de arte e atividades esportivas. Trabalhei no acampamento soka kansai como uma professora de inglês para crianças e adolescentes. Eu faço aulas de natação desde que sou criança e costumava jogar handebol em ligas brasileiras até que o Barcelona me chamou para jogar com eles em 2018. Como sou uma pessoa esportiva, espero ajudar o desenvolvimento dos seus filhos nessa área. Eu sei pintar, desenhar e fazer recorte e colagem e por isso participei de inúmeras competições artísticas no Brasil eduquei em primeiro lugar na maioria delas, espero poder fazer atividades legais e criativas com seus filhos envolvendo arte e colagem! Eu amo trabalhar como babá porque crianças são pequenos anjinhos e meus dias são muito brilhantes quando envolta deles.


I have been taking care of kids since I was a teenager and I took care of more than 80 different children with ages 1-12 years old. Moreover, I taught my brothers how to use the potty, how to read and do math.

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Lohane is a wonderful babysitter.You are a fantastic English teacher as my request.My daughters really like you and they enjoy to spend time with you.Thanks a lot.


Thank you so much! Looking forward to next time !

Lohane ロハネ
Your rating: 5

Our kids had a wonderful time with Lohane. She was very caring and patient with kids. They really liked her.


Thank you so much, looking forward to next time!

Lohane ロハネ
Your rating: 5

She is a very reliable sitter.
Advance notice, time and cleanliness are perfect.
I tried to use words that are easy for my son to understand, and my son, who is still inexperienced in English, enjoyed it very much.thank you!!


Thank you so much for the kind words, I really enjoyed the time. Looking forward to the next time! ☺️

Lohane ロハネ
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Yuka Hiroma


Lohane ロハネ
Your rating: 5

She is so nice sitter! My son was very enjoy the time with her.


Thank you so much! I really enjoyed too!

Lohane ロハネ
Your rating: 5

She takes care of children earnestly. My daughters are like her.


Thank you so much! I had a great time!💞

Lohane ロハネ
Your rating: 5

Lohane is caring and lovely. She looked after my kids and taught them English with great enthusiasm. Thank you Lohane! My kids and I are looking forward to seeing you in the next session.


Thank you so much! I had a great time and looking forward to next time!

Lohane ロハネ
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Nanako Kishimi


Lohane ロハネ
Your rating: 5

She played with my sons and read English books with great care. My sons were very happy. I am grateful to her.


Thank you so much!☺️☺️

Lohane ロハネ
Your rating: 5

Lohane is friendly and kind. Kids enjoyed spending time with her. Thank you Lohane!


Thank you so much! ☺️

Lohane ロハネ
Your rating: 4

Lohane is a nice person.


Thank you!

Lohane ロハネ
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Lohane is very kind. My daughters had a great time. She brought colored pencils and drew a picture with them. They happily showed me the pictures :)
They want to see her again.


Thank you so much! They are little angels! I had a great time too!

Lohane ロハネ
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Lohane was full of energy and kindness. My kids took to her easily.


Thank you so much for the opportunity !☺️☺️🌸

Lohane ロハネ
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Lohane was wonderful; my daughter took to her straightaway and they had lots of fun together like old friends. She's already looking forward to the next session. Thank you Lohane!


Kenna, thank you for the great review! I am so happy she enjoyed the experience, looking forward to meeting you again. Until then, I am here if you need anything.

Lohane ロハネ
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Lohane is full of great energy and is very friendly! She excels in sports and is really into drawing. If you are looking to keep your children active or entertained with arts and craft then Lohane will make a great sitter for your family!


Thank you so much for your kind words, Jasmine!

Lohane ロハネ
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