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My name is Inbar I am 27 years old and I'm from Israel. I came to Japan 2 years ago and I am teaching English to company workers.
I worked for about 3 years with children with autism (ages 10-18) and I worked in2 different kindergartens with my mother (ages 1-5) I have a lot of patience and experience and I love working with children.
My hobbies are singing, photography, reading and traveling. together we can play music, play lots of games, travel a little, read books and enjoy time. pets are also welcomed :)
I can speak English, Hebrew and a little bit of Japanese.
looking forward to working with you :)

שלום קוראים לי ענבר ואני בת 27 וגרה ביפן כבר שנתיים
עובדת כמורה לאנגלית ונשואה ליפני
יש לי המון ניסיון עם ילדים, עבדתי 3 שנים עם ילדים עם צרכים מיוחדים, עבדתי בגני ילדים עם אמא שלי בישוב בתקופת הקיץ ויצא לי גם לעבוד שנה בגן ילדים
אני אחראית, מסורה ואוהבת ילדים :)
התחביבים שלי הם: שירה, צילום, לקרוא ספרים ולטייל
אני דוברת עברית, אנגלית וקצת יפנית

מקווה שנוכל לעבוד ביחד בכיף :)


I worked one years in a kindergarten (children's ages 1-3) and 3 years with children with autism (children's ages 10-18). I also worked many years with my mother when i was younger (she was a kindergarten teacher for 25 years), I used to help her during summer vacation (children's ages 1-5).

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  • Mother's helper after childbirth
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  • Pet care
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Inbar is a caring and responsible person. She hopes to share her love for music and reading with the children in the CareFinder community. If you are looking for a caring sitter who can teach English and of course take great care of your children and have a great time with them, Inbar will be a great sitter for your family!

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