My name is Elizabeth, I am the third child out of four in my family. I was born and raised in Nigeria and can speak English language fluently which I would love to also teach your kids. I have a master's degree in peace and strategic studies. I was an administrator in an American Academy where I was handling official duties and at the same time an intermediary between kids and their parents while in school. I usually take them out for lunch break and then back to their respective classrooms, sometimes out to the park and every morning I cheerfully and carefully receive the kids from their parents and engage them in a chat, short story or songs while I walk them to their classrooms. I do the same at the closing hours also. I pick them up from their classrooms and safely deliver them to their parents or guardians.

I love children so much and always want to see them happy no matter what it will cost me. My mum was a preschool teacher for over 25 years.
I took care of my baby sister in different areas such as potty training, feeding and eating habits and etiquette, bed time and story telling time to mention a few.
I was a private home teacher for 5 years, I taught English language to children between ages 5 to 16.
I am currently working as an English teacher in a Junior High School and also raising my own kid.

I understand just a little Japanese although I am still learning. I have been living in Japan for 2 years.
The happiness of every child is my ultimate goal and to nurture them in a way that they can fit perfectly into the society and conform with it. Looking forward to a great opportunity to take care of your children, to make them happy as I teach them the English language also.!

I enjoy playing and teaching, we can dance, sing, draw cartoons, go to the park and play or cook together. I actually love cooking.
Also I can teach your children English. I’ve done many activities in English with children such as learning colors, numbers, reading stories, and drawing.

Cancellation Fee: Please give me at least two days (1 day at the most) if you need to cancel. If you cancel on the day then you will need to pay 100% of the normal babysitting fee. If I cancel on the day, then you will only pay 50% for the next babysitting job I do. Cancellation due to COVID-19 or any other health related issues need not to be paid. Thank you.


3 years of administrative officer and intermediary between kids and parents in an international school.
5 years of private English lesson teacher.
Several years of taking care of my younger sister which includes feeding, potty training, bed time training and lots more.
Currently an English teacher.
In conclusion I have my own personal experience in raising and taking care of my own kid.

Comfortable caring for


  • 1 - 3 years old
  • 4 - 6 years old
  • 7 - 11 years old
2 Children

Skills & Services


  • English


  • Online Lessons
  • Pick up children from
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Cooking/Meal Preparation
  • Care with foreign language
  • Homework help


  • Raised own children


6am - 9am
9am - 12pm
12pm - 3pm
3pm - 6pm
6pm - 9pm
9pm - 12am
12am - 6am
This schedule may not be up-to-date.


Your rating: 5

Ama is professional and energetic! Since this was the first time for us to ask baby sitting in English, my kids were nervous and confused at first. But, she made them laugh a lot with her smile! They said they want to play with Ama again repeatedly.

Your rating: 5

She was so friendly and helpful.

Your rating: 5

Ama was truly a great babysitter and teacher for my kids. She was polite, gentle, and made my kids laugh a lot. They said it was fun. We hope that we will meet her soon again.

Your rating: 5

Ama is a very friendly and wonderful person‼︎
She always understands what her son wants to do now, what he likes to do, and what he's interested in, and moves accordingly.
My son was able to have a lot of fun with her.
She treated me politely even though I couldn't speak English very well!
I really appreciate it.
Thank you for your continued support.

Your rating: 5

[CareFinder Team Review]

Ama is a bright and energetic person. She is currently an English teacher and enjoys fun activities such as drawing, singing or cooking. Her professionalism, energy and joy would be a perfect fit for any CareFinder family!

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