My name is Yvonne. I am a 31 years old German woman. I have come to Japan on a Specialist Working Visa two years ago after studying in Germany for my Masters Degree in European History. I have several years of experience taking care of my younger sister as she is 9 years younger than me. Changing nappies, playing, feeding her and later walking her to kindergarten were just some of my responsibilities. I have also been babysitting my niece regularly for the last 4 years if my brother and his wife wanted to go out. In between I have worked as a tutor for children aged between 10-17. The classes I tutored the children in were English, German, History and Social Studies. I would do online courses in these subjects as well as singing and yoga stretching. While tutoring I would help the students with their homework, but also help with problematic topics. We would also go and play memory learning games in the nearby park.
My native language is German and I can speak English at Native level. While I would love to watch pets as well I am quite allergic to cats and dogs.
I currently work as an English teacher during the week and only look for/take placements on the weekends.
I am looking forward to the opportunity to take care of your children!

Cancellation Fees:
Cancellation Fee (all timing is calculated based on the start time of the scheduled sitting)
48+ hours before the scheduled sitting: No cancellation fee
Between 48-24 hours: 50% of the sitting fee
Within 24 hours: 100% of the sitting fee (+ transportation cost if on the way)

キャンセル料金・ シッティング開始時刻から逆算して、キャンセル料が発生します
・シッティング開始時刻の 48 時間前のキャンセル :無料
・シッティング開始時刻の 48 時間〜24 時間前のキャンセル:シッティング料金の 50%
・シッティング開始時刻の 24 時間前のキャンセル:シッティング料金の 100%
また、すでにご家族の元へ移動を開始していた場合や、シッティング途中でキャンセルを希望された場 合は、交通費もキャンセル料金として発生します。

Mein Name ist Yvonne. Ich bin eine 32 Jahre alte Deutsche. Ich bin vor zwei Jahren mit einem Working Holiday Visum in Japan eingereist und bin jetzt mit einem Specialist Visum hiergeblieben, nachdem ich in Deutschland mein Masterstudium der Europäischen Geschichte abgeschlossen hatte. Ich habe einige Jahre an Erfahrung in der Pflege von Kindern durch meine Schwester, die 9 Jahre jünger ist als ich, gesammelt. Ich habe mit ihr gespielt, sie gefüttert, ihre Windeln gewechselt und sie später zum Kindergarten gebracht. Ich habe in den letzten 4 Jahren auch oft auf meine Nichte aufgepasst, wenn mein Bruder und seine Frau ausgehen wollten. In den Jahren dazwischen habe ich als Nachhilfelehrerin mit Kindern unterschiedlichen Alters, 10-17 Jahre, gearbeitet. Nachhilfe und Förderunterricht gab ich in den Fächern Deutsch, Englisch, Geschichte und Sozialkunde. Ich bin gewillt in diesen Fächern Onlinekurse abzuhalten. Ebenso würde ich in den Kursen singen, tanzen oder Yoga Stretching mit den Kindern machen. Während meiner Zeit als Nachhilfelehrerin habe ich mit den Schülern ihre Hausaufgaben gemacht und sie mit weiteren Übungen in Problembereichen gefördert. Außerdem haben wir Lernspiele im nahe gelegenen Park gespielt.
Meine Muttersprache ist deutsch, aber ich spreche auch fließend englisch. Ich arbeite momentan als Englischlehrerin unter der Woche und akzeptiere/suche momentan nur Stellen am Wochenende.
Obwohl ich Tiere liebe, bin ich sehr allergisch auf Hunde und Katzen und kann diese deshalb nicht pflegen.
Ich freue mich darauf die Chance zu bekommen auf ihre Kinder aufzupassen!

bei mehr als 48 Stunden Vorwarnung fallen keine Gebühren an
zwischen 48 und 24 Stunden vor dem Sitting fallen 50% der vereinbarten Kosten an
bei weniger als 24 Stunden Vorwarnung fallen 100 % der vereinbarten Kosten an
Sollte ich schon unterwegs sein würden auch die Transportkosten dazu kommen.


I have worked as a tutor for children of different ages as a tutor in different subjects. Mainly History, English, German and Social Studies.
I have been babysitting my niece for four years and my younger sister before that. We ran around, sang, read books, played board games, painted and made cookies.

Can Babysit


  • 1 year old
  • 2 years old
  • 3 years old
  • 4 - 6 years old
  • 7+ years old
2 Children

Skills & Services


  • English
  • German
beginner in Japanese, Chinese, French and Spanish


  • Online Lessons
  • Pick up children from
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Cooking/Meal Preparation
  • Care with foreign language
  • Homework help
  • Events
  • Travel
  • Eligible for Government Subsidy


CPR/First training course.


6am - 9am
9am - 12pm
12pm - 3pm
3pm - 6pm
6pm - 9pm
9pm - 12am
12am - 6am
This schedule may not be up-to-date.


Your rating: 5

She is powerful and cheerful.
It was the first time I asked her to help me, but my 3 year old daughter was giggling and laughing. I also enjoyed the time when my child took a nap and I was able to have a conversation with her in my poor English. Thank you very much.


Dear Tomoko-san, thank you for your kind review. Your daughter was very energetic and very happy. She must have exhausted herself with the excitement as she fell asleep on your couch when I read to her. I enjoyed our chat during the impromptu nap as well and I can honestly say that your English is really good. I am looking forward to watching Aoi again and speaking more with you.

Your rating: 3




Dear Yuri, thank your for your review and opinions. Your young toddler was very shy and stuck with you, which I honestly experience very often on the first meeting. It was probably just the first time being awkward as your toddler grew more relaxed with me and called you less after a while. I felt like we had found a good rhythm near the end of the sitting. I am sorry that you feel like I tried to force activities on your toddler. I assure you that was not my intention.

Your rating: 5

She is very cheerful and kind.She was very kind to kids.
After baby sitting, my kids said it was very fun to play with Yvonne.
I could tell by their behavior after she left that they had a good time.
I think it was hard to take care these two mischievous kids.
I am very grateful to her.


Dear Kana-san,
Thank you for leaving this kind review. Taking care of your children was not hard. They are good and well behaved kids. I am looking forward to babysitting your children in the future.

Your rating: 5



Dear Yuko, thank you for your kind review. I am looking forward to working with you and Gaku in the future.

Your rating: 5



Thank you for the review. I look forward to teach Azusa again in the future.

Your rating: 5

Friendly, open, and professional. Our daughter immediately seemed to like her. Looking forward to having her in the future with us on a regular basis.

Kai Oliver

Thank you for your kind review. I am looking forward work with you and Yuki regularly in the future as well.

Your rating: 5



Your rating: 5



Dear Yuko-san, thank you for your review! You and your daughter are very easy to get along with and kind so I can be just myself. :-)

Your rating: 5



Dear Yoko-san, thank you for your kind review. I try to be always punctual and hope to meet you and Emma again.

Your rating: 5



Dear Erika-san, thank you for your kind review! I enjoyed the time I spent with you and your children. I strive to be as punctual as possible (or a bit early) and care to correct a childs behaviour when necessary.

Your rating: 5



Dear Mao-san and Haru-kun, thank you for the great review! It was very nice to meet the two of you and I really enjoyed the time I spent with you.

Your rating: 2


仕方ないので「子供の行動を英語でリピートして説明してあげてください、その方が子供が理解しやすいので」とお願いしました。英語で話してはくれたのですが、「I think she is trying to 〇〇」と、小さな声で誰に向かって話しているのかよくわからず、子供たちとコミュニケーションを取ろうとしてくれませんでした。もちろん子供たちとの距離も縮まりません。その状態でいきなり抱っこしようとしたり無理やり触ろうとするので驚いて泣き出してしまいました。私は子供をリラックスさせながらシッターさんとの間に立たされた形でとても疲れました。レッスン中ずっと私が取りもって子供に英語で話しかけたり。小さな子供たちに歌を聴かせたり楽しませようとする意識も一切ありません。シッターさんは私が誘導すると図鑑の単語を読み上げてはくれましたが、写真を見ながらすぐに脱線して「コロナの時トイレットペーパーを買い占めるのはなんで?」「ひな祭りの意味は何?」「観光に行った時は~~こうでこうで」と私に逆質問したり暇つぶしの話し相手のようにされました。何故私がお金を払わなければならないのかと憤りを覚えましたね。挙句の果てにシッターさんはベッドに寄りかかって横になり始めました。。日本の感覚とは違い過ぎて開いた口が塞がらないです。素人の中でも酷い姿勢だと思います。最初に挨拶をした時からテンションが低い人だなぁとは感じましたが、、。後半、私があやしてリラックスした子供が笑顔でシッターさんに話しかけても、無言。車を走らせる真似をしてくれましたが「ブーン」と言うだけで英語のレッスンの意味ないです。シッターさんが帰ると2歳の子供たちはホッとしたように「やっとイヴァン帰ったよ、やだったよ」「また来たら泣いちゃうよ」とニコニコしながら話していてここまで理解していたんだと衝撃を受けました。子供たちも私もかなり疲労困憊し時間も無駄にしてしまったので、もっとお金を払って普通の英語の塾や、日本人教師または保育士で英語のできる方にお願いした方が数百倍良いと思いました。言葉が理解できなくても、子供に語りかけてコミュニケーションを取ろうと当たり前にできる保育士さんや教師はスゴイなと改めて実感してしまいました。時間通りでメッセージのやり取りに不都合はありませんでしたので星2つにしますがもうお願いすることはありません。


Dear Vivi-san,
when I left you last Sunday I felt your children and I could get along well and we were on the same page regarding further lessons. This review was an unpleasant surprise after you did not answer my message after our first meeting. Your daughters were very shy. They cried if you left the room or if I got too close and hid behind you/the doorframe. So I tried to make them and you feel more at ease without getting physically too close. By the time I left they had stopped crying and hiding and were laughing instead. Therefore I thought the sitting went well and we could work together. The first meeting is usually an ice breaker meeting. I have to see how your children are to make decisions going forward, but I probably should have made that much clearer to you. This was most likely our great misunderstanding. I hope you find a good babysitter/tutor for your lovely little girls.
Yvonne Jüttner

Your rating: 5

She was very good with both of the kids and everything went smoothly even though it was the first time.

Your rating: 5


Your rating: 5


Your rating: 5

Thank you for coming over to us. Yvonne is polite and reliable person, paying attention to kids carefully all the time of her babysitting. She is also a nice person to talk with freely from a parent's point of view.

Your rating: 5

She is very polite and kind. Our kids loves her😊

Your rating: 5

She is reliable, kind, and intelligent person.
She watched over our son warmly, helped our son complete his homework patiently. Our son liked her so much.
I recommend her as a good tutor/sitter.

machida family
Your rating: 5

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Yvonne has a very bubbly personality that will keep your children engaged and have fun. With her years of experience as a babysitter and tutor, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to keeping your children safe and comfortable! If you are looking for a babysitter who is entertaining and speaks English and German, Yvonne will make a perfect sitter for your family.

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