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Hello! I am Rafael a 21 years old, Brazilian and currently studying in Shibaura Institute of Technology. I can speak Portuguese and English, my hobbies are photography, cooking and swimming!
My experience: I used to teach English to children (age 8 to 12) in my High School as volunteer teacher. I organized charity events to give presents to communities (around 100 to 120 children that are between 4 and 14 years old) during December (Christmas period), during this events I played games with them (Tag, Dodgeball, Hide and seek) and registered the event as a photographer. And last, I have my cousins (6 and 8 years old) that I take care of them when we meet (once or twice a month)(play games, have meal, go to the swimming pool and, sometimes, help them with the study).
I hope we can have a great time together! =)

Olá! Meu nome é Rafael, tenho 21 anos, sou brasileiro e atualmente estudo em Shibaura Institute of Technology. Eu falo português e inglês fluente, alguns dos meus hobbies são fotografia, culinária e natação!
Sobre minha experiência: eu ensinava inglês para crianças (de 8 a 12 anos) na minha escola como professor voluntário. Organizei eventos de caridade para dar presentes às crianças de comunidades (cerca de 100 a 120 crianças, entre 4 e 14 anos) durante dezembro (período de Natal), durante esses eventos brincava com elas (Esconde-esconde, Queimada, Pega-pega) e tirava fotos do evento. E por último, tenho meus primos (6 e 8 anos), cuido deles quando nos encontramos (isto acontece uma ou duas vezes por mês) (nós brincamos, almoçamos/jantamos, vamos para a piscina e, as vezes, ajuda-os com a escola).
Espero que possamos ter um ótimo tempo juntos! =)


At my college in Brazil, I have participated and organized volunteer events in which i had to take care of children. One of them was the Solidarity Christmas, an event that has more than 100 children every year. On the day of the event, we play, give gifts and have a meal all together, organizers and children, it is very fun!

Another experience I have with children is my youngest cousins, one is 8 years old and the other 6 years old. Once or twice a month, we met and spent the day together. These days we usually spend a good deal of time playing together and sometimes teach cooking or help with homework or subjects.

Another experience I had with children was teaching English to children (8 to 12 years old) from public school twice a month at my high school.

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Rafael is really friendly and sweet. With his warm, welcoming personality, any child will feel at ease in his care. If you are looking for an active babysitter who is bilingual in English and Portuguese, Rafael will make a perfect addition to your family.