Hello dear parents, welcome to my profile.
I’m Diala from Jordan. I can speak two languages English and Arabic. I chose this job to work in because I like kids so much and I enjoy spending time with them. Kids always make me feel happy. I have worked before in teaching kids in SOS ( Charity for orphans children). I also worked in babysitting for 6 years with children from 6 months and up.
I’m very good in dealing with kids and I have many ways to make them feel comfortable with me and happy.
- Activities that I would like to do with your kids : going to the park, read stories, play different games, such as: hide and seeks, help them with their homework and teach them, I can also cook for them, play sports and dancing too .
And welcome to pets.
I’m looking forward to meet you and your lovely kids ❤️
، مرحبا بكم في ملف التعريف الخاص بي
  انا ديالا من الاردن. أستطيع التحدث باللغة الإنجليزية والعربية. لقد اخترت هذه الوظيفة لأعمل فيها لأنني احب الأطفال كثيرا وأستمتع بقضاء الوقت معهم. الاطفال دائما يجعلوني أشعر بالسعادة. أنا جيدة جداً في التعامل مع الأطفال ولدي طرق عديدة لجعلهم يشعرون بالراحة والسعادة بالتعامل معي. لقد عملت من قبل في تعليم الاطفال في منظمة خيرية لرعاية الاطفال اليتامى. عملت أيضًا في مجالسة الأطفال لمدة 6 سنوات مع أطفال من عمر 6 أشهر وما فوق.
  -الانشطة التي أرغب في القيام بها مع أطفالك: الذهاب إلى الحديقة ، وقراءة القصص ، ولعب ألعاب مختلفة ، مثل: الإخفاء والبحث ، ومساعدتهم في واجباتهم المدرسية وتعليمهم ، كما يمكنني الطبخ لهم ، ولعب الرياضة و الرقص أيضا. 
.واهلا في الحيوانات الأليفة
أنا أتطلع لمقابلتكم ❤️


- I worked in teaching kids (5-8 years old) in SOS ( charity for orphans children)
I'm the oldest sibling of 3.
- I have experience in babysitting for 6 years with kids from 6 months and up.
-I’m the oldest sister of 3 siblings. So, I was taking care of my siblings since I was 11 years old.
-have experience with children with Down syndrome.
- I have been doing different activities (outdoor and indoor activities) with kids such as: taking them to the park, teaching them and help them with their homework, playing different games such as: soccer and hide and seeks ,cooking for them, read stories and so many other activities.

Comfortable caring for


  • 6 - 12 months old
  • 1 - 3 years old
  • 4 - 6 years old
  • 7 - 11 years old
  • 12+ years old
3 Children

Skills & Services


  • English


  • Pick up children from
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Cooking/Meal Preparation
  • Care with foreign language
  • Homework help
  • Events
  • Pet care


SOS Volunteering Certificate


6am - 9am
9am - 12pm
12pm - 3pm
3pm - 6pm
6pm - 9pm
9pm - 12am
12am - 6am
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Diala is sweet, friendly and has a welcoming personality. She has taught children in SOS a charity for orphans and started babysitting since she was eleven years old. If you are looking for a babysitter who can assist with your children’s school work and engage your children with fun and educational games, Diala will make a great addition to any CareFinder family.

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