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Hi, my name is Celi! I moved to Japan from Brazil 28 years ago, raised 3 daughters who are all married now, and they gave me 5 amazing grandkids.
I have a bachelor's degree in teaching and my career was focused in teaching, starting with working in Brazil as a private and then public school teacher.
After coming to Japan, I was in charge of nursery through literacy education. Once the children were able to write and read they were passed to other teachers. Eventually I established a Brazilian school in which I was the principal as well as the main teacher, teaching children from nursery until 5th grade.
In recent years, I focused on private tutoring and volunteered at a licensed daycare in Canada.
As for languages, I am fluent in Portuguese, comprehend 50-70% of Spanish and am currently learning English. Verbal instructions should be ok, but I prefer written instructions in order to avoid any miscommunication.
I am currently enjoying my time with my grandkids and am looking forward to meeting your wonderful family as well!

Hola mi nombre és Celi. Soy brasileña y vivo en Japón desde hace veintiocho años.
Tengo tres hijas casadas y cinco nietos increíbles.
Soy una educadora universitaria completa y mi enfoque es la educación de los niños.
Trabajé en escuelas públicas y privadas en Brasil.
Cuando llegué a Japón, comencé a trabajar con preescolar preparándolos para la alfabetización.
Puedo educar a los niños desde la guardería hasta el final de la escuela primaria.
Establecí una escuela brasileña en Ibaraki, actuando como directora y maestra, para atender a los niños desde la guardería hasta el final de la educación básica.
A principios de este año, trabajé durante dos meses como asesor pedagógico en una guardería con licencia del gobierno en Canada.
Con respecto al idioma, hablo portugués con fluidez, entiendo el 50-70% del español, y estoy aprendiendo inglés.
Entiendo instrucciones verbales en inglés, pero prefiero instrucciones escritas por ahora.
Estoy disfrutando el tiempo con mis nietos mientras espero la oportunidad de conocer a tu increíble familia!

Ola meu nome é Celi. Eu sou brasileira e moro no Japão a 28 anos.
Tenho três filhas e cinco netos incríveis.
Sou pedagoga com licenciatura plena e meu foco é o ensino.
Trabalhei em escola pública e particular no Brasil.
Quando vim para o Japão, passei a trabalhar com crianças menores, preparando-as para a alfabetização.
Sou capacitada para educar crianças com idade desde o maternal até completarem o ciclo básico.
Estabeleci uma escola brasileira em Ibaraki, atuando como diretora e professora, atendendo crianças desde o maternal até o término do ensino fundamental.
No início de 2018, atuei por dois meses como orientadora pedagógica numa creche licenciada pelo governo, no Canadá.
Com relação à idioma, falo português com fluência, compreendo entre 50-70% de espanhol e estou aprendendo inglês.
Instruções verbais eu compreendo, em inglês, mas por enquanto prefiro instruções escritas.
Estou curtindo tempo com meus netos enquanto aguardo a oportunidade de conhecer sua incrível família!


Worked at a Brazilian Private School
Worked at a municipal school full-time and also worked part-time at a state school as a substitute teacher
In charge of nursery through teaching literacy
(once kids were reading/writing, they were passed to a different teacher)
Established the Brazilian school - taught from nursery until 5th grade
Private tutoring
Volunteered as an advisor at a Canadian licensed daycare
Enjoying my grandkids while also hoping to use my experience/knowledge to assist other parents as a babysitter.


Comfortable caring for


  • 6 - 12 months old
  • 1 - 3 years old
  • 4 - 6 years old
  • 7 - 11 years old
  • 12+ years old
2 Children

Skills & Services


  • Japanese
  • English
  • Spanish


  • Pick up children from
  • New born baby care
  • Mother's helper after childbirth
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Cooking/Meal Preparation
  • Care with foreign language
  • Events
  • Overnight
  • Travel
  • Toilet training


  • Youchien teacher
  • Elementary school teacher
  • Raised own children


6am - 9am
9am - 12pm
12pm - 3pm
3pm - 6pm
6pm - 9pm
9pm - 12am
12am - 6am
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Celi is sweet and dedicated to childcare. She seemed very enthusiastic about about being a babysitter as she was very energetic and was taking very thorough notes throughout the interview. We think Celi would be a perfect addition to any CareFinder family.

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