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Hi! My name is Chika. I’m 39 years old and live in Osaka now. I’m a cheerful and friendly person. I like traveling, watching movies, cooking, workout and also reading. I went to Australia to homestay for 3 weeks when was a high school student. Since then my family also welcomed many people from all over the world to our house and had a wonderful time with them. After high school, I entered ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages and I studied abroad in America for 3 months. After ECC, I earned some money and went back to america to study English for 10 months. After that I came back to Japan and I started working as an English teacher. To improve my English skill more, I went back to America as an Au Pair when I was 26 years old.

After working as an Au Pair in the U.S., I got an Elementary School English Teaching License as well as a Kids English Instructor License. I taught English at 3 different elementary schools in Osaka and I also worked as an interactive teacher in Hyogo to teach both English and how to use a computer to kids. To use my English skill as much as possible, I changed my job and started working at an international school in both Osaka and Kobe and I taught both English and Japanese to students who were babies to elementary students there.

I’m good at making kids laugh and love communicating with them. I also like playing outside with them, even making origami, craft and so on. I can also help with their homework too. I also love cooking so if there is any chance to cook with them, it would be fun!
At the previous job, I had to be very careful with childcare so I’m always aware of any danger situation when I stay with young children. I’d be happy if I have an opportunity to meet you and your precious child (children). Thanks for reading!

● Fluent in English
● Eiken Grade Pre-2
● Elementary School English Teaching License
● Kids English Instructor License
● Have knowledge and skill objectives to a currently authorized MEDIC First Aid Instructor
  ● Japanese calligraphy
  ● Have completed the program for Gluten-Free Advisor Course






業種:英会話保育講師 役職:幼稚園部クラス担任兼キャンパス主任


2012 – 2019 International School
Kindergarten Teacher , Head Teacher
● Teach both English and Japanese
● Supervise more than 100 students
● Teach both English and Japanese
● Have taught from 1 year old to 6 years old

2011 –2012       English Conversation School
Interactive Teacher
● Taught Japanese children (3yearsold to 18 years old) English grammar
● Built student’s listening, speaking, writing and reading skill with using English CD-ROM
● Taught children how to use computer


1998年8月- 1998年8月 オーストラリア連邦 クイーンズランド州 短期語学留学
2001年1月- 2001年4月 アメリカ合衆国 ニューヨーク州 語学&ダンス留学
2003年7月- 2004年4月 アメリカ合衆国 ニューヨーク州 語学留学
2008年9月- 2009年8月 アメリカ合衆国 ワシントンDC オペア留学


2008 Completed Au Pair Program in Washington DC, America
(2008 – 2009 LADO International College, Maryland, America)
2004 Went backpacking and visited more than 10 states in America
(2003 – 2004 Aspect International Language Academies, NY, America)
2001 Studied abroad in New York, America
1998 Studied abroad in Brisbane, Australia

Comfortable caring for


  • 1 - 3 years old
  • 4 - 6 years old
  • 7 - 11 years old
  • 12+ years old
3 Children

Skills & Services


  • Japanese
  • English


  • Online Lessons


  • CPR/First Aid
・書道特待生 ・実用英語検定準2級 ・子ども英会話教師 エキスパートインストラクター ・小学校英語指導者資格 ・メディック・ファーストエイド救命法(CPR・AED) 救急法のベーシックプラスコース修了 ・一般社団法人日本グルテンフリーアドバイザー協会 グルテンフリー アドバイザーの資格を取得 ・Food Safety Education Program:Food Handler Safetyコースを修了


6am - 9am
9am - 12pm
12pm - 3pm
3pm - 6pm
6pm - 9pm
9pm - 12am
12am - 6am
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Chika was well prepared for the interview. She looked very happy when she talked about her childcare experience. She has made a lot of effort to make her childcare skill better. She will be creative and fun babysitter for CareFinder families!

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