Nice to meet you all. Kin is my nickname. I speak English, Japanese and Vietnamese.
Are you looking for a friendly, careful and responsible babysitter for your lovely kids? We should have a meeting immediately because I am the one you are searching for.

Taking care of the kids from 2 years old since high school. I have participated in various volunteer as well as several camping programs related to helping children in daily life. My neighbors also trust me to the extent that they can leave their kids for me to take care whenever they are busy, both short and long time.

In regards to my babysitting experience, I always try to create fun and memorable moments with children I care for. I can teach and share with them new things such as languages or help with homework. I am able to do arts, crafts, even playing outdoor games with them and many other interesting activities that they wish. Your child’s safety will always be my first priority.

Please do not hesitate to contact me soon. We can negotiate with any children aged from 2 years old, and kinds of service based on your requests including picking up, house care, teaching, holding events, and many more. I promise to provide professional service with the highest responsibility.


Since high school, I have participated in various volunteer programs to help children from 2 years old a better life. I did this activity for 2 times per month, mainly focused on providing children with special care services. The care varied on each program, for instance, teaching language lessons, supporting daily routines, playing smart games, and so on.

Besides, I took care of the neighbor’s kids when their parents are not at home, cooked them food and took them to sleep. Also, I joined a volunteer program in Japan, which provides short term camping for children after the disasters. During the camp, my job is to manage a group of 20 kids age 2 to 12. We had a fun time together in playing outdoor games, studying English, eating and gradually recovering mental and physical damages.

I can give you more details during the later interview. All of my experiences have motivated me to love children more and encouraged me to help other people with their kids.

Comfortable caring for


  • 1 - 3 years old
  • 4 - 6 years old
  • 7 - 11 years old
  • 12+ years old
4 Children

Skills & Services


  • Japanese
  • English


  • Pick up children from
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Cooking/Meal Preparation
  • Care with foreign language
  • Events
  • Overnight
  • Travel
  • Toilet training


Volunteer Program, Helping Children with Mental & Physical Disabilities, Taking Care of Neighbor's Kids


6am - 9am
9am - 12pm
12pm - 3pm
3pm - 6pm
6pm - 9pm
9pm - 12am
12am - 6am
This schedule may not be up-to-date.


Your rating: 5

Kim helped me with the unique errand of picking up my phone which I had lost and delivering it to me across town. He was great communicating with me from start to finish and even got my phone back to me earlier than I expected! He was very nice when I met him in person. Since I didn't hire him to babysit, I can't speak to that, but he seemed kind, responsible, and trustworthy!

Your rating: 5

Kin was on time for his interview and was very polite. He really enjoys working with children and helping families in need. He will make a great tutor, role model, or big brother figure for any CareFinder family!

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