How Parents Can Look for Babysitters


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How Parents Can Look for Babysitters
  1. Register/Login
    To start searching for the right babysitter, first register a new account with CareFinder. If you’re already a registered member, then simply log in.


  2. Creating a Job

    When logged in, go to My CareFinder page. Click the pink Create a Job button (upper right) and fill out the job details. Be clear and concise about the position and the type of babysitter you’re looking for. 

    You have three options for visibility, All Sitters, Invited Sitters, or Individual Sitter. We highly recommend making the job visible to all of our approved sitters.

    All Sitters: All approved CareFinder babysitters can search and apply for the job. This is the best way to find a quality sitter quickly.

    Invited Sitters: Only babysitters that you have invited to the job can see and apply for the job.

    Individual Sitter: This is for directly hiring one sitter. This is only for sitters whom you have worked with in the past.

    When you’re done writing your job description and confirm the details on Job Preview page, click the Post button. Your job will be posted to the site and you will move to the Send Job Request page.


  3. Receive applications

    Once you’ve posted your job, you’ll begin to get applications from babysitter candidates. These applications will come into your My Jobs page. You’ll be able to answer questions, provide further information, and reply to applicants.

    Be sure to use the CareFinder messaging system to interact with and check the backgrounds of babysitter candidates. Start with general questions and requests. Only share personal information (address, telephone number, etc.) when you’re ready to meet a babysitter in person.

    CareFinder follows the Personal Information Protection Act in Japan. That means we never share your private information with anyone.


  4. Interview

    After you’ve received and evaluated applications, we recommend that you interview the most promising candidates in person. Before you meet, talk with candidates via phone or Skype to test the waters. When you meet in person, be sure to tell them about the job and your child—routines, their likes, dislikes, what expectations you have, etc. Ask the babysitter about herself or himself, too.

    See Interview Tips for Parents for suggested topics, questions, and other interview tips.


  5. Introduce Your Family

    So you think you have the right babysitter candidate? We strongly recommend you have them meet the family and your child to be extra sure. See how your child responds to them and vice-versa.


  6. “You’re Hired!”

    You’ve checked backgrounds, talked over the phone, conducted an interview, and even introduced your family. You’ve found the right babysitter! Please select a babysitter from applicants in CareFinder, and if the babysitter accepts, then you’re good to go. Congratulations!


  7. Get Started

    All of the preliminaries are done. It’s time to have your brand-new babysitter start work.

    See Tips for the Sitting Day for Parents for more ideas on how to be perfectly prepared.


  8. Pay Your Sitter

    Pay your sitter with just one click. After the sitting, your babysitter will request payment. You will get a notification that the sitter requested payment. With just one click you can approve payment and you are done.


  9. Don’t Forget Your Review

    You’ll receive a request from us to review your babysitter’s performance. Rate your babysitter from 1 to 5 based on your experience. Your review is a critical part of CareFinder’s success and our mission. Thank you!

    Your review will also help your babysitter understand where they can improve and what you liked best about their service.

    See more about the review process in About Review System.

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