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  1. Registration/Login

    Registration is free to join CareFinder. If it’s your first time, go ahead and fill out the registration form to create an account. If you’ve already registered, just log in.

    We will review your profile and call you regarding the next steps once you are registered. 

    See Babysitter Registration Process for more.

    Now it’s time to fill out your profile. The more details and facts you provide, the higher the likelihood that you’ll find just the job you’re looking for.


  2. Look for Jobs

    After we have approved your account you can use the Find a Job search bar to look through jobs that meet your criteria.

    There are three types of Job Visibility:

    • All Sitters: All babysitters can search and apply for the job.
    • Invited Sitters: Only babysitters invited to the job by the job owner can search and apply.
    • Individual Sitter: This is a direct job invite from job owner to a specific babysitter.

    If you received an direct job request from a parent, that means the parent specifically chose you. We strongly recommend that you reply as soon as possible to the parent if you are interested in or cannot accept the job.


  3. Apply

    When you find a job you like, you can apply directly with the employer. When you apply you can ask questions or confirm details. These conversations are between you and the employer only—no other CareFinder community members can see your chats.


  4. Interview

    We recommend that you have a final in-person interview with your potential employer. Practice beforehand so you can put your best foot forward, with all your skills, experience, and personality. Ask about the child and their care, job details, and other questions you might have.

    See Interview Tips for Babysitters* for more about preparing for interviews.


  5. Meet the Family

    Before you accept a job, it’s probably a good idea to meet the entire family, just to make sure you all get along—especially with the child. Don’t be surprised if the employer asks you over for a visit or arranges some other type of meeting.


  6. Accept the Job

    You’ve applied, met the employer, and met their family. If they send you an offer through to the job, it’s up to you to make the final decision whether to accept. When you accept the job, you enter into agreement with the employer. The job will be added to your Jobs list. Please keep in mind that deciding to take a job is fully your responsibility, so please take care and follow the tips throughout this site to ensure you have found the right job and employer.


  7. Get Started

    Now it’s time for the real work to begin. Good luck with your new job!

    See Tips for the Sitting Day for Babysitters* for more about preparing for your first day on the job.


  8. Make sure you get paid

    Check out Getting paid on CareFinder for info on getting paid.


  9. Reviews

    We ask all employers to provide a review of their babysitters. This is as much for your personal benefit as it is for the entire CareFinder community. You’ll be rated on a scale of 1 to 5, based on how your employer perceived your performance (see your My Reviews page). But, don’t worry. You have the chance to write a response to any reviews (good or not-so-good). Remember, good reviews mean more work, better work, and higher pay.

    See more about the review system in About Review System.


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