Requirements For Government Babysitting Subsidy


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Requirements For Government Babysitting Subsidy

Babysitting Subsidy Program

Beginning in October 2019, public kindergartens, nursery schools, and certified schools for children 3-5 years of age are free. Additionally, families who qualify (children 3-5 years old in public kindergartens, nursery schools, or certified schools) may receive a subsidy (幼保無償化) up to ¥37,000 a month to use towards non-licensed childcare facilities, such as babysitters.


Necessary Documents for Families to Qualify for Subsidy

In order for families to receive the government subsidy for babysitting, they need apply for the subsidy to the municipality where they live. The qualification for the childcare subsidy depends on either the parents' work situation, health, or other need for childcare. Specific requirements vary per municipality. Once parents are approved to receive the subsidy they will receive documentation indicating they are certified.


*If you work for any family or know of any family that might qualify for the subsidy, please have them contact CareFinder.


Babysitter Requirements

In order to be eligible for the government subsidy, babysitters must apply with the municipality where they live. CareFinder can help with the application process. Once a babysitter is approved for the subsidy they will receive a notice from their municipality. This process usually takes two weeks.


How Parents Receive Babysitting Subsidy

Babysitters must issue a "Childcare Support Proof" to the municipality where the parent is residing after each sitting. CareFinder will help the babysitter with this proof.


Payment for babysitting using subsidies is done entirely online. Parents can submit proof of babysitting payment by using a screenshot of the payment details in MyCareFinder, along with the previously mentioned proof.


Parents then receive a refund from their local municipality after submitting the above documents.


Requirements for Babysitter to be Eligible for the Babysitting Subsidy

Your status as a babysitter must be reported to the local government. CareFinder already does this when babysitters begin to work on our platform, so no need to worry about this part.


Additionally, those who are not a Japanese-licensed childcare worker need to receive 20 hours of government-required training at some point over a five-year grace period. Currently there is not enough training nationwide and there are also no courses in English. There may be online course options in the future, but this training is not an immediate concern. CareFinder will work with the government to provide training in English once this is mandatory.


Is There any Cost to Babysitters to Become Eligible for the Subsidy?

There is no cost to the babysitters. However, please be sure to you are able to receive online payments via Stripe so we can assist you and the families you work with in obtaining the necessary paperwork and reports to the government. Do not worry about your payment data online; we do not report your specific pay and hours work to anyone.

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