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Looking for international babysitters who can speak multiple languages and expose your children to cultures from all around the world? Look no further than our many great international sitters on Working Holiday here, in Japan.
Working Holiday is a program, based on bilateral agreements between countries, designed to provide the youth between ages 18 and 30 with "an opportunity for them to appreciate the culture and general way of life in the partner countries/regions for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding" between partner countries. Fortunately for us here in Japan, Japan is a participating country with over 22 partner countries/regions.
This means that as parents, you have the opportunity of introducing babysitters from a vast range of places around the world including Australia, Denmark, Chile and Hong Kong to our families through CareFinder.
In order to find out more about both what kind of sitters are here on Working Holiday and what it's like to work with CareFinder on Working Holiday, we'd like to introduce you to Camilla.


Camila came to Japan from Chile on Working Holiday last year. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and is currently working on her Japanese. Camila already had 7 years of experience working with kids before coming to Japan. As the eldest child in her family, Camila grew up looking after her 4 younger siblings since she was 10 years old. Later in university, she nannied for a family for 2 years and also taught English and Spanish to students aged anywhere from 10 to 25. Camila also has a background of working as a flight attendant! Thanks to that, she is not only CPR certified but also great at handling emergencies and stressful situations calmly.
As an energetic person, Camila loves to get active jogging, swimming and she even started boxing this year. She also loves to play the guitar and sing with children!
Camila photo
We asked Camila to answer a few questions about her Working Holiday experience with CareFinder:
Why did you choose to do your working holiday in Japan?
I chose Japan because when I came here on vacations 2 years ago I fell in love with this place, the landscapes and culture. I wanted to experience living here.
How are you spending your time here?
Mostly working and meeting people but I also used some of my time discovering new places. I am still planning to travel with the time I have left!
Was there anything unexpected or surprising about working and living in Japan?
The most unexpected thing about working here was the opportunity to meet many foreigners with permanent residence in Japan, most of them English speakers. I never thought that I was going to use English as much as I had to use here in Tokyo, which was actually a pleasant surprise.
Is there anything you wish you knew before you began your working holiday?
Maybe I should have done a little bit more of research about job opportunities in Tokyo. CareFinder was really helpful for me and I just found it after 6 months of living here.
What advice would you give someone who is interested in doing a working holiday in Japan?
It is an incredible experience, so do it! But check carefully the kind of job that you want because some of them are really demanding. As long as you learn how to manage your time and money you'll have the best experience!
How is your experience working with CareFinder?
It's been really good so far! Everyone that I met on CareFinder has been really supportive; I have all the information I need by email or the website. For me it was incredibly helpful when I needed it the most so I am really happy that I found it. It also gave me the opportunity to meet nice people, with different backgrounds so thank you 🙂
If you have any memorable stories from working with families through CareFinder, please share with us!
I had the best time with a family with two little girls! I babysat them for a week during winter break. One was 5 years old and the other 8 years old. They were delightful! We had the best time playing together. They had a lot of free time so I could go with them to watch a movie together and to playgrounds. We built a boat in the park, sang songs, played music, created fantastic stories and more!! It was really fun to get to know them for that week. I felt a little sad when I had to leave them because we had so much fun. Both girls are super smart and sweet. The parents were very nice as well so I wish only the best for them.
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