Why Have Multiple Sitters?

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Why Have Multiple Sitters?

Why Have Multiple Sitters?

You've found a dependable sitter that's a great match for your family. Now, why might you want to keep looking for another babysitter? Because, simply put, life is full of curveballs and you don't want to be left swinging blindly when it comes to your childcare. No matter how incredible or dependable your go-to babysitter is, at some point, you will be left with a gap in your childcare coverage. Maybe your child has come down with a fever on the morning of an important presentation or perhaps your sitter is out of town. Whatever the reason may be, having multiple sitters or back-up sitters on your roster is always a good idea. But apart from the possibility of an emergency care, here are 4 more reasons why having multiple sitters will make your life easier and your child's life richer:

1. Exposure to Different Cultures

With babysitters from over 60 countries, CareFinder babysitters are from all over the world. From France to Malawi, Jamaica, Latvia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Australia to Chile, CareFinder sitters represent every habitable continent on Earth. They also speak multiple languages including more common languages like English, French, Spanish and Mandarin as well as lesser known languages such as Farsi, Uzbek and Sinhala. Having multiple sitters from such a diverse pool of babysitters means that your child will be exposed to all kinds of different cultures and languages on a regular basis. Your children might even learn to switch between Japanese with their Monday sitter and Spanish with their Wednesday sitter. In an increasingly globalized world, being able to navigate through multiple cultures and empathize with people from all backgrounds is a valuable asset that will benefit your children for the rest of their lives!

2. Getting Familiar with Different People

Interacting with different people, even if you share the same culture and language is difficult. But like most things, with more practice and exposure, we can get better. Having multiple sitters allows your children to get familiar interacting with different kinds of people. Different sitters have different methods of teaching, disciplining, playing and encouraging children. Just as it is good for children to be exposed to different teaching methods in school, it too is beneficial for them to be exposed to different relationships with adults. Your child might have a more older-sister-role-model type relationship with one sitter and a more teacher-student relationship with another. Both relationships are just as important as the other in your child's development.

3. Discover New Talents and Hobbies

Different babysitters have different strengths and talents. At CareFinder, many of our sitters list their various skills and talents including tutoring, teaching dance or sports, painting, etc. on their profile. While one sitter might be exceptional in her ability to explain addition and subtraction in a way that gets your child excited about math, another sitter might blow you away in his ability to make sure your kids get so much exercise that they don't make it through a single bedtime story. Exposing your kids to multiple sitters is a great way for them to discover new talents and hobbies they wouldn't have tried otherwise.

4. Flexibility

Having multiple sitters is great when you're in a pinch but it's also great even when you're not. Maybe you've decided to take up yoga classes after work to help with your aching back but your regular sitter already sits for another family on Tuesdays. Or maybe your younger child's swimming lessons pick-up time conflicts with your older child's karate lessons and you suddenly find yourself needing two sitters. Whatever the case, with a bigger team supporting you and your family, you have more flexibility to change your plans.
All in all, having multiple sitters both enriches your child's life and helps make your life stress-free. At CareFinder, we are committed to meeting all of your babysitting needs whether you are looking for just an evening babysitter, an international babysitter, a hotel babysitter, a weekend babysitter, an overnight babysitter, a great au pair or a last-minute babysitter. Sign up on CareFinder to begin your search!
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