What to Consider When Finding A Babysitter

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What to Consider When Finding A Babysitter


Deciding to use a babysitter can be a big step for your family! It may be the first time you've left your children in the care of someone else, which is tough for them and you. Fortunately, if you're using a CareFinder babysitter you can be sure that your children are in the very best hands. Our team puts a lot of work into building a community of high-quality, trustworthy babysitters; you can't go wrong!

But that being said, finding the best babysitter for your family's needs requires special consideration. At CareFinder, we have worked with thousands of families and sitters over the years and, as such, have some insight into common boxes to check before making your decision.

Babysitter Background

CareFinder's diverse community is what makes us great! Our babysitters — and families — come from countries all over the world. Many speak two or more languages and all have unique perspectives and experiences to share. Whether you're looking for someone who's also from your "home" or someone who can introduce you to new cultures, customs and food, you'll find them on CareFinder.

Be sure to consider the needs of your children, though! While "new" is fun and exciting, it can also be very impactful for your child to see someone who is "like them." Babysitters can serve as models, other than Mom and Dad, of grown-ups that your child may not often see represented in their lives otherwise. Mixed-heritage children or children still exploring their gender identity, for example, may benefit from being cared for by and interacting with similar babysitters.


As we mentioned, CareFinder's babysitters speak many different languages — and often several at a time! A primary consideration for determining who you'd like to work with is ensuring you'll be able to communicate. Using a CareFinder babysitter as a language tutor is an excellent way to combine education and childcare. However, it's important to make sure there is enough shared language for effective communication between you and them. When it comes to your child's well-being you don't want anything "lost in translation!"

Experience Level

Every babysitter in the CareFinder community has childcare experience; they're not approved otherwise! But experience levels do differ. Some sitters have raised their own children, some sitters have worked as teachers, some are nurses, some do not look after infants. You know your child's needs best. When creating a job, be as specific as you can about the level of experience you are looking for. We are very clear with our babysitters that they should not apply to any job that doesn't fit their experience level, so the more detail you provide the more likely you are to connect with a sitter who is ideally suited to helping your family.

If you ever have a specific need that you do not feel comfortable outlining in a job post, you can also contact the CareFinder team. We can work with you to find a sitter who will align with what you're looking for.

Budget & Logistics

CareFinder babysitters are freelancers; they set their own rates. As noted above, each sitter has differing skills and experience and we encourage them to charge accordingly. For instance, if you'd like someone with many years of experience and credentials to watch two children and cook dinner on date night, the hourly rate will be different than if you are looking for a parent's helper who can watch one child while you work from home.

Again, it is important to be as detailed as possible in your job posts to ensure that all sitters who apply are able to set appropriate rates. Remember, once there is a job agreement, that rate, any other associated fees (like transportation), and the number of hours committed are considered final unless both you and the sitter agree on changes. A job agreement is a digital contract.

And on that note, be mindful of the babysitter's cancellation policy. Each sitter has their own. Just as you would not appreciate a last-minute cancellation, neither do sitters, who may have turned down other jobs to work with you.

CareFinder thrives because it is a community of mutual respect. Our primary goal is that our families and babysitters develop lasting, rich relationships and hope that these considerations help guide you in that direction!

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