Valentine's Day 2022: Kid's Craft Ideas

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valentine's day 2022 craft ideas for kids

Valentine's Day 2022: Kid's Craft Ideas


Valentine's Day: A wonderful excuse to tell the people you love how you feel. And maybe even a great excuse to bust out the glitter, finger paint and decoupage.

If you're looking for some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's Day in Tokyo, check out our recent article with international inspiration. If you're looking for on-theme DIY arts and crafts the whole family can enjoy, keep on reading!

Valentine's Day Crafts: Toddlers

Heart Stamps

Little hands need a little help when it comes to manipulating a lot of DIY tools. But this super-simple stamp idea is perfect for the chubby little fingers of the toddler in your home. Use a clothespin and a foam cut-out (hearts are, of course, traditional, but feel free to get creative!) and let them stamp away. Just keep an eye on them unless you want your furniture redecorated, too.

Melted Crayon Hearts

Finally, a use for all those crayon nubs lying around the house! As with most craft and toddler combos, this one definitely requires hands-on supervision from mom or dad, and an oven big enough to fit your mold of choice. The final product will be useful, colorful and unique.

Sticky Paper Suncatchers

One of the benefits of crafts — beyond the beautiful art to display! — for little ones are sensory experiences. This suncatcher makes use of sticky contact paper to adhere bits of colorful tissue, sure to surprise and engage toddler fingers. It's also much easier to clean up then projects that need glue!

Valentine's Day Crafts: Elementary

Pipe Cleaner Heart Rings

Firstly, these are very cute! Secondly, they're a great craft for bigger kids who have a bit more dexterity (and maybe a little less interest in your usual arts and crafts). Pipe cleaners are an evergreen, easy-to-use craft supply, so whipping up enough of these for everyone in the family will be simple.

Optical Illusion Heart

Here's an incredibly simple craft with a pretty great payoff! You only need some basic supplies — marker and sheets of lined paper — and you're good to go. It can be difficult to get the lines right on the first try (or five) so be ready with some words of encouragement.

Cork Love Birds

Yet another great reason to enjoy a glass or two of wine on Valentine's Day! The corks you've been stockpiling double as Love Birds. Personalize them with a love note on their bellies, or turn them into magnets or key chains. Cheers!

Valentine's Day Crafts: Family

Thumbprint Mason Jars

The whole family can put their personal touch on this pretty craft! Pick out on-theme paints and a handful of jars (old sauce jars work perfectly once cleaned up) and you're set. Each member of the family can use their thumbprint to create a unique, beautiful vase you won't want to put away when the holiday is over.

Bath Bombs

We can't think of a sweeter Valentine's Day present than a little R&R in a hot ofuro. Taking things up a notch with a bath bomb doesn't need to break the bank, either. These homemade ones use common household products and your favorite essential oils. It can feel a little like a science experiment while making them but the end result is pure magic.

Long Distance Hug

Chances are there's at least one special someone your family hasn't seen in a while. Why not send them a hug? This super-cute craft is a perfect way to spend time with one another and to wish far-away loved ones a "Happy Valentine's Day."


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