Tips for Staying Healthy & Happy in the New Year

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tips for staying healthy and happy in the new year

Tips for Staying Healthy & Happy in the New Year


It's a new year! A fresh start! The year of the ox — associated with calm and stability — has to be better than last year. No offense to the rat, but we'd really like some positivity in 2021.

That being said, we still need to get through the rest of the winter and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (and we will get through it!). CareFinder knows the cold days and nights are usually tough. Without matsuri, or cozy izakaya, or family vacations to onsen resorts, the next few weeks may seem even darker and longer than usual. But never fear! Over the last year, we've given you tips and tricks to keep yourself and your family safe and sane. Amid coronavirus worries, it's not easy, but we hope these help.

Physical Health

Aside from COVID-19, it's also cold and flu season. Luckily, many of the precautions we're taking against coronavirus also help us avoid those seasonal sicknesses. By now, we're all used to the hand sanitizer waiting for us at every grocery store entrance. We know to wash our hands and maintain social distance. And of course, we've really upped our face mask game! Our article with simple health and hygiene tips also includes a link to comprehensive guidance from the World Health Organization.

Mental Health

It is perfectly normal to experience anxiety during these times. There are many things outside of our control. Not being able to do many of the things we usually do to unwind and relax, like travel or go out to eat with friends, makes negative feelings that much more difficult. For children who may not see their peers often or struggle with online coursework, it can be especially tough. Check out our article with resources for helping your family cope.

Self Care

We probably don't have to tell you: being cooped up inside, with the whole family, can be a little...wearing. Space is in short supply. Almost a year into all that family time, we don't blame anyone for needing to take a little "me time." We've all done Zoom happy hours, completed a million jigsaw puzzles and used the Headspace app enough to feel like gurus ourselves. But in case you need some fresh ideas, our article has additional ways to chill out.

And, as always, our community of babysitters is always here to help your family. Whether you need in-person assistance (mask on, of course) or want to take advantage of virtual tutoring, CareFinder has you covered. We hope your family continues to stay healthy!

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