Tips to Avoid Burnout in the New Year

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Tips to Avoid Burnout in the New Year


If you can believe it, 2021 is almost over! As usual, the year seemed to fly by. Work, school, extracurricular activities, holidays, vacations — all kept us busy, and hopefully, amid the hustle and bustle, your family found some time to rest and recharge. And if you didn't, no worries! CareFinder has your year-end mental health tips covered.

We shared some ideas at the beginning of 2021, with the hopes that this year would be better than the last. We also talked with TELL Japan for more information on how they can help your family navigate mental health issues. And, of course, if you're seeking a little self-care, we've written about our favorite ways to unwind. Check out our additional suggestions below for closing out the year with a little bit of sanity!

Just Say No

It may be too late to turn down invites to the many holiday parties you didn't really want to attend — virtual or otherwise. But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the power of "no" for what's left of the year and beyond.

Being able to say "no" to the things you can't or don't want to do, whether it's a social event, a request from a coworker or yet another after-school activity for the kids, can have a positive impact on your well-being. Burnout is real, especially after years like the last two! Taking more onto your plate than you have the bandwidth to handle is ultimately a disservice to your friends, family and yourself. "You can't pour from an empty cup," as they say.

Together Time

It's not news that being a parent means you often don't have time to be a partner. Kids, and all their attending needs, understandably take up a lot of your attention. And if you're not good at saying "no" when you need to (see above!), you can be left with a packed calendar and no room for romance. Luckily, that is easily remedied:

Take a date night!

Set aside time at least one evening a month for just the two of you. Hire a sitter (we can recommend some great ones!) and head out for dinner, a show or just a walk around town. Spending time together gives you an opportunity to catch up, not only on the logistics of day-to-day life but on your goals, plans and hopes for the future.

Fly Solo

Congratulations if you've managed to schedule sufficient time for kids' stuff and romance! But have you forgotten about yourself? Many people thrive on keeping busy but even the most social of butterflies can benefit from alone time.

Taking a minute for yourself can boost your creativity and resilience, give you space to reflect on your good fortune and process the not-so-good as well, and create an opportunity for those hobbies you couldn't get the rest of the family into. Just like you would for a date night, set aside a block of time dedicated to your own pursuits. Even if it's just catching up on the latest episode of your favorite reality show!

Put Down the Coffee

This one is pretty straightforward. We're all guilty of tricking ourselves awake with an extra cup or two of coffee in the morning... or afternoon ... or evening. But while extra caffeine is a great short-term fix for when we're feeling rundown, it can make things worse in the long term if we overdo it.

Excessive caffeine (which is often in tea, too! Matcha is not exempt here) can trigger anxiety, depression and insomnia. It can also cause ulcers and other stomach issues. None of that is helpful if you're trying to maintain a healthy mental state. Instead of chugging java, get more sleep, drink decaf and see our first tip if your schedule has you overwhelmed!

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