Talking With Children About Conflict & Violence

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Talking With Children About Conflict & Violence


One of the most important — and most difficult — tasks parents face is preparing our children for some of life's harder realities. While our biggest priorities are keeping them safe, healthy and happy, we can not, and should not, shield them forever from issues of conflict, war and violence. They will be exposed to these concepts one way or another eventually; prepare them now in developmentally appropriate ways.

We've rounded up several resources with an array of advice and language to use in speaking to your children about war and conflict. Additionally, we've included contact information for TELL Japan. If your child — or you — needs more support, the counselors there can be of help.

TeacherVision: An in-depth Q&A for how to start conversations and handle emotions. A guide to talking about war in Ukraine is also linked.

Verywell Family: This article outlines helpful tools to use.

BabyCenter: Helpful responses to questions they may ask.

Verywell Mind: Specific tips for discussion of the war in Ukraine, as well as resource links.

TELL Japan: English-language mental health resources and counseling, based in Tokyo.

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