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Summer Solstice: Things to Do

Summer Solstice: Things to Do in Tokyo on the Longest Day of the Year

The longest day of the year in Tokyo will be this Saturday, June 22. The sun will rise at 4:35 in the morning and will not set until 7:00 pm - more than 14 hours of sunlight! (In theory. It is still rainy season, after all.)
Despite being a massive metropolis, there are plenty of outdoor recreation possibilities in and around Tokyo - and the Summer Solstice is a perfect time for your family to take advantage of them. From hiking, to paddle boarding, to fishing, see some of our suggestions to get you and the kids outside this weekend!
With the sun up early, you'll be able to get your hike going in the earlier, cooler hours of the day. Plus, though these are all easily one-day trips from Tokyo, the extra time will let you enjoy the scenery (and relax after your hike!).
Just a 50-minute trip from Shinjuku, there's also a popular beer garden 500 meters up at Mt. Takao.
Enjoy waterfall views at Mt. Mitake, or have fun canoeing and rafting.
Considered the "Fuji of the East," Mt. Tsukuba has scenic hiking trails for all experience levels.
"SUP" is great exercise and a fun alternative to traditional water sports. Many places also offer classes and instruction for beginners.
There is nothing more relaxing than sitting a dock with your pole in the water, and the Ichigaya Fishing Center makes it easy for the whole family to enjoy the experience. You can also bring snacks and beverages to make a day of it.
A unique way to see the city, kayaking is also a great way to get the family working together. They don't paddle themselves, you know!
Flora, Fauna, Food
Seasonal fruit picking is always a delicious way to spend the day and in mid-June, cherries are in! Relatively nearby Yamanashi is supposedly the southern-most spot for the activity, so plan for a day!
For a bit of wild Japan a quick ride from Central Tokyo, check out this park! Summer is a quieter time for guests, so you can enjoy the relative solitude of nature without leaving the city.
Whether the kids are seasoned equestrians or have never seen a horse up close, Tokyo Riding Club has lessons. If you become addicted, you can also sign up for a membership (or board your horse there!).
...And More!
It's probably not news to you that getting around Tokyo with the kids in tow is pretty easy (and sometimes enjoyable!) by bike. The Japan Bicycle Promotion Institute has created a lovely 3km course by the Imperial Palace that even has a special "Kid's Corner" for smaller riders.
Wakasu Seaside Park is right in Tokyo Bay and not only has a camping ground, but a golf course, cycling, fishing and boating as well. Plenty of options to enjoy the outdoors right in Tokyo!
While the Solstice is a great excuse to get out and about, all of these suggestions are fun ways to spend the day with your family, regardless of the time of year! And, as always, CareFinder is here to help if you need a hand. Our community of sitters is the perfect resource for trustworthy care.
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