Summer Holidays in Japan 2021

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summer holidays in japan 2021

Summer Holidays in Japan 2021


This summer in Japan, like last summer in Japan, is going to be a bit different than normal. Many traditional events are still on hold and even the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, though happening, will be very a different experience than expected for fans and athletes alike.

That doesn't mean your family can't enjoy the Japanese summer holidays, though! And, thanks to the rescheduled Olympics, there's a third holiday to celebrate again this summer. Marine Day, Sports Day and Mountain Day all provide opportunities for your family to enjoy time together, outdoors. Read on for more details on each!

Marine Day

Umi no Hi

Thursday, 22 July

Marine Day is usually observed on the third Monday of July but was switched in 2020 to a Thursday in late July to coincide with the expected start of the Olympics. Unfortunately, the Olympics weren't held last year, but fortunately, they will be this year. As such, Marine Day is again going to be held on a Thursday in late July (a timing to also, hopefully, line up with the end of rainy season!). It's a good opportunity to take your family to the beach. You could also check out Tokyo Sea Life Park (be sure to review any COVID restrictions before booking tickets) for an up-close look at underwater wildlife.

Sports Day

Taiiku no Hi

Friday, 23 July

Traditionally called Sports and Health Day, this is another holiday that was updated to celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. And, just like last year, it will also be held at the end of July, as opposed to its usual date in early October. During that time, schoolchildren put on elaborate field day events, complete with choreographed performances for parents to watch. Since school will be out when the holiday is observed this year, it's a more free-form day off. Not only is this a great chance to try your hand at kicking off your family's very own Olympics, but Sports Day is also timed to create an extra-long weekend in conjunction with Marine Day.

Mountain Day

Yama no Hi

Sunday, 8 August (Observed Monday, 9 August)

While Mountain Day technically falls on a Sunday this year, Japan's rules on holiday observance mean there's another long weekend not too long after Marine and Sports Day (a summer treat!). Enjoy your Monday off from work and take a trip into the mountainside, or find spots a little closer to take in mountain views. We've written in the past about nearby hikes and scenic outlooks; check them out here!

However you choose to celebrate Japan's summer holidays, we hope your family has a wonderful time together! And, as always, if you need an extra pair of hands for help with the kids, CareFinder's babysitters are here for you. Find the best sitter for your family here.


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