Rainy Season Fun: Indoor Activity Ideas

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rainy season in tokyo indoor activities

Rainy Season Fun: Indoor Activity Ideas


Summertime in Tokyo means summer camps, trips to the mountains or the beach and... rainy season. And this year, rainy season may be coming earlier (and last longer!) than it has in years past. While grey days can get dreary, think of rainy season as a great opportunity to get creative indoors!

CareFinder has shared lots of great ideas for inside activities that can keep the kids (and you!) entertained, engaged and maybe even educated. Check out some of our suggestions below!

If you're looking for places to go to get out of the house, but stay dry, check out our article here! We've compiled a list of great locations for all sorts of activities — from shopping to museums — that will help the whole family kill some time. As a note, many have special precautions and hours in place given the COVID situation, so before piling everyone in the car or hopping on the train, make sure you check their websites for any updates.

Reading is a classic rainy day activity. With these books for bilingual learning, you knock out two birds with one stone!

In the same vein, if you're looking for additional educational resources for kids who are stuck inside and out of class for a bit, CareFinder has you covered! If you're ok with some screen time, our article on supplemental resources has tons of free ideas to check out. Or get the whole family involved with alphabet yoga, board games or kid-friendly cooking.

Thankfully, winter is still many months off. However, you can repurpose some of these activities for stir-crazy kids after the holidays for rainy season, as well.

We also have some tips especially for parents! Quite a lot of time has been spent indoors, at home this past year. Another rainy season around the house may be tough. Check out CareFinder's tips for at-home self-care to get you through the damp days.

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