Rainy Day Activities in Tokyo

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Rainy Day Activities in Tokyo

Rainy Day Activities in Tokyo

When the rain, cold or heat keeps the kids inside, it can be difficult to find activities to keep them entertained. Luckily, Tokyo offers many wonderful spots for children to run around and play indoors.

1. teamLab Planets & teamLab Borderless

teamLab Borderless teamLab Planets

Location: Toyosu & Odaiba
Let the kids run wild inside as they immerse themselves in a massive art space. Having just opened this summer, teamLab Borderless tickets can be a little bit harder to come by but with a little bit of planning, both exhibitions offer an amazingly interactive experience you and your kids won't forget!

2. Round1


Location: Ikebukuro, Kichijoji, DiverCity (Odaiba)
From karaoke to bowling, pingpong, and various sports activities (Spo-cha available only at Odaiba), you and your kids can enjoy a multitude of different activities indoors. It's a great opportunity for your kids to let all of their pent up energy out on a rainy day and challenge themselves to new sports and activities.

3. PEKID's


Location: Shibuya
Let the kids climb freely at this bouldering gym designed specifically for kids! You can walk in freely as you don't need to make reservations and the friendly staff at the front will provide you and your kids with an explanation on the safety rules. The gym welcomes all children from age 3 to the sixth grade.

4. Sky Circus

Sky Circus

Location: Sunshine City (Ikebukuro)
Experience virtual reality 251 meters above sea level at the Sunshine 60 Observatory. Get ready to be shot through the sky as a human cannonball or ride through the skies of Ikebukuro on a swing-styled roller coaster! Other attractions include an infinitely expanding tunnel of light and mirrors and a sky trampoline.

5. Shinagawa Aquarium

Shinagawa Aquarium

Location: Shinagawa (Omorikaigan Station)
What it lacks in size as an indoor aquarium, the Shinagawa Aquarium makes up for in its spectacular shows. Come and enjoy sea lions, dolphins, seals and even underwater shows! Your kids can even experience touching a dolphin! If the weather clears up, you can always enjoy the nice weather in the Shinagawa Community Park next door!

6. Kidzania

Location: Lalaport (Toyosu)
Walk into a city founded and operated by children! At Kidzania, kids get to role-play and work at nearly 100 different jobs. It's not only a fun and creative way of spending a rainy day, but an educational one too. Kidzania welcomes all children regardless of language and even offers some activities in English each day.

Other indoor kid-friendly activities in Tokyo include:

- Joypolis (Odaiba)
- Ghibli Museum (Mitaka)
In addition to these regular spots, Tokyo offers many kid-friendly events and interactive exhibitions. Be sure to check out our weekly selection of kid-friendly weekend events for more fun activities to take part in as a family.
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