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Meet the CareFinder Team

Meet the CareFinder Team: Trevor

The CareFinder Team is always hard at work connecting families from all over Japan with the highly qualified babysitters they can trust to take care of their children. We learn so much about our CareFinder community and want to share a bit about ourselves, as well. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
 CareFinder Team Trevor
Name: Trevor M.
Neighborhood: Minato-ku
Hometown: St. Louis, MO, USA
Role at CareFinder: Co-Founder and COO. I work on the site functionality with the developers and enhance our internal procedures with the team. I try to make sure that eager sitters and families are able to efficiently connect through our platform.
Hobbies: Going to the park with my kids, as well as skateboarding and karate.
Babysitting Experience: I babysat two children in my neighborhood when I was in high school. The parents ran a restaurant and often came home very late. They had active children and needed an active sitter to play sports with the kids, make dinner and put them to bed. I also had a babysitter when I was young. I still keep in touch with the kids that I babysat and my parents exchange Christmas cards with the sitter I had even though she was my sitter over 30 years ago.
Why You Love CareFinder: My wife started CareFinder because of the need she saw for affordable, quality sitters in Japan. I didn’t realize the positive impact that it would have on people’s lives. Many sitters have become like family members to the families they connect with.
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