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Meet the CareFinder team: Nano

Meet the CareFinder Team: Nano

The CareFinder Team is always hard at work connecting families from all over Japan with the highly qualified babsitters they can trust to take care of their children. We learn so much about our CareFinder community and want to share a bit about ourselves, as well. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
Name: Nano
Neighbourhood: Yokohama (Isogo)
Hometown: Yokohama (Azamino)
Role at Carefinder: Babysitter recruitment and support
Hobbies : Singing, playing guitar, watching movies, reading, cooking (currently testing out my skills with a new yoghurt maker!)
Babysitting Experience: 3 Years of experience as a teacher's aid/babysitter in Japan and Brisbane, Australia, not to mention a lot of experience through Carefinder in Japan!
Why You Love CareFinder: I love CareFinder because of just how personal their approach is to both parents and babysitters. It is a very quick process to complete and begin either babysitting or hiring and any issues are resolved with haste. For parents, it can be a great way to involve their children with people from diverse backgrounds. For babysitters it is a very viable option to learn about the Japanese household.
But for myself, I really appreciate getting to meet new babysitters and learning their stories, being a fellow carer for children. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to assist in providing quality babysitters to families. I hope that all parents and babysitters can enjoy their shared experience together like I have through CareFinder.
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