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meet the carefinder team michelle

Meet the CareFinder Team: Michelle

The CareFinder Team is always hard at work connecting families from all over Japan with the highly qualified babsitters they can trust to take care of their children. We learn so much about our CareFinder community and want to share a bit about ourselves, as well. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
Name: Michelle
Neighborhood: Shibaura
Hometown: Philadelphia, United States
Role at CareFinder: Contents Manager. I work with the CareFinder team to create the English articles you see on our website and the posts on our social media.
Hobbies: I love exploring Tokyo by bicycle with my husband. When the weather's nice, we usually put in 45-50 km in a weekend. We're also always on the hunt for really good pizza. Rocco's in Ojihoncho is worth the 30km ride!
Babysitting Experience: I have two younger siblings - my sister is 10 years younger and my brother is six - so I spent a lot of time helping to take care of them when they were little. I also babysat for neighbors as a teenager.
Why You Love CareFinder: It's a really great environment as an employee. Everyone here is very invested in making sure the families and sitters in our community have the best possible experience. It's nice to work with people who truly care about what they're doing.
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