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Make hiring a babysitter easier with Individual Jobs

As a Premium Member on CareFinder, you have several job post options: public, invite only, or an individual job. At first glance, invite only and individual jobs seem redundant. What's the purpose of differentiating between these types of job posts?
Job Type 2
Invite Only:
An Invite Only post is only viewable by the babysitters you have chosen to invite to the job. Perhaps you have worked with a few sitters before and wish to use one of them again but not sure of their availability. Inviting them to an Invite Only would be the best way to find out who can do the job as it allows you to invite multiple babysitters to one job.
An Individual post is meant for sitters you have already interviewed and are ready to hire. By creating an Individual post you are able to skip the normal hiring process. This allows the babysitter to receive a job offer and instantly accept it. 
An Individual post is not meant for sitters you have yet to interact with on CareFinder and wish for them to accept a job right away. In this case, please create an Invite Only job post to get the sitters attention and see if they are available for your desired dates.
Individual jobs make the job hiring process both smoother and faster. Use the Individual Job option only when you have already interviewed and are ready to hire. If not, use the Invite Only or Public job options!
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