Golden Week 2023: Family-Friendly Things to Do

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Golden Week 2023: Family-Friendly Things to Do


Everyone's favorite time of year is almost upon us: Golden Week!

This year's celebrations kick off on Saturday, April 29 and last through Friday, May 5. So, if you can finagle a few days off, your family will enjoy a nine-day vacation! And even if you don't plan on taking extra time, there are plenty of fun, family-friendly activities in and around Tokyo to enjoy during the holiday.

If you find yourself asking, "What is Golden Week?" right now, check out our Golden Week 101 article from 2019 here.

And then read CareFinder's suggestions below for things to do during Golden Week 2023.

Nico Nico Chokaigi

April 29 - 30


If anyone in your household is even remotely interested in the gaming world, this event is a must-do! Per the Chokaigi website, it's "the melting pot of Japan's internet culture, which brings together various entertainment, such as Japanese tradition, anime, games, music, and more!" There will be plenty of cosplay and live entertainment, as well as merch and meet-and-greets with some of Japan's most popular gamers.


April 28 - May 7


If you know a little Japanese, you may be able to guess what this event is all about: meat! While it may not be the best event to take your family's favorite vegetarian, it is a can't-miss for anyone who enjoys fried chicken, katsu, dumplings, and more! You can also expect the usual "fes" accessories, like live music and plenty of biru.

Edo Fireman's Annual Memorial

April 29

Yutenji Temple

While this event isn't as grand as other festivals that take place during Golden Week, it is still a sight to behold! It is held in memory of firefighters who died in action during the Edo-Showa era and features local construction workers performing acrobatics atop ladders! It's a fun day-time activity for all families, but especially for any with children who are fans of firefighters and/or stunts at high heights.

Kurayami Matsuri

April 29 - May 6

Okunitama Shrine

Also known as the "Darkness Festival," this multi-day event has something for everyone: taiko, mikoshi, yabusame, and it all takes place (as the name implies) after dark! The Kurayami Matsuri is also considered one of the oldest in Kanto; the Okunitama Shrine was founded in the 2nd century. Don't miss out on an evening or two of lanterns and laughter.

Meiji Jingu Spring Grand Festival

May 2- 3

Enjoy traditional Japanese cultural activities surrounded by nature, right in the middle of Tokyo! Watch performances by martial artists, musicians, and noh, and then take a walk through the forest.

Ome Grand Festival

May 2 - 3


There is no shortage of festivals in Tokyo this time of year (thankfully!), but the Ome Grand Festival is definitely one to put on your family's list. Returning this year after a COVID-necessitated pause, the Ome Grand Festival has historically attracted massive crowds, who gather to watch the 12 elaborate dashi (floats) make their way down the streets, accompanied by musical processions.

Tokyo Flea Market

May 3 - May 7

Yoyogi Park

The official site is short on details, but according to the post on Tokyo Cheapo, this flea market is one of the city's largest! Don't miss out on your opportunity to nab fun knick knacks and funky clothes from hundreds of local vendors.

Tokyo Sea Life Park Free Admission

May 4

Kasai Rinkai Park

In honor of Greenery Day, the Tokyo Sea Life Park opens its doors for free (admission is usually 250-700 yen). Your children will love learning about local wildlife, as well as water-dwelling animals from all around the world! Plus, the Sea Life Park is close to the Kasai Rinkai ferris wheel and gardens!

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